Will Smith’s Best Acting to Date


Will Smith has disappeared from acting in recent years as Hancock and I Am Legend disappointed and he didn’t win an Oscar for Seven Pounds or The Pursuit of Happyness. But as it turns out, his most Oscar-worthy performance was far before his film career off. That’s right, it was in his Fresh Prince glory days.

This is a scene I remember making an impact on me years ago, and it still gets me a little choked up to this day. It’s the episode where Will’s deadbeat father comes back into his life, but then…. Oh just watch it.

  • Parker Jammstein

    He should really go back and channel this, instead of giving every child he has a career against their will.

  • Comam

    Echoing the above comment, I think this is the way we should all remember Will Smith forever. I haven’t actually thought about him much lately. “Hancock” had great promise but just didn’t live up to its potential, and “I Am Legend” was a commercial about shoes where he has to kill his zombie dog. OMG I can’t even think about that dog scene. Anyway, I can’t even remember a film after, let’s say, “Men In Black” that I really liked him in. He’s the Fresh Prince, he’s Agent J, he’s the “welcome to Earth” guy, and all that is better than what he has turned into: the Scientologist making mediocre movies, crappy remakes of movies, and pushing careers on his kids.

    Also: I wrote this before actually watching the video, and holy crap: that made me all squishy inside.

  • Drester

    @ Comam

    Are you serious? Ali, I, Robot, The Pursuit of Happiness, Seven Pounds and I am Legend (with alternate ending) are all great movies.

    Btw, did you see his projects in development. They are working on 34 movies 😛

  • Lubz

    That is a really great scene. It still kind of weird though to see the voice of Shredder portraying such a great family man like Uncle Phil.

  • jon29

    I, Robot was so bad I think it gave me cancer.

  • Tex


    Just because he did not win an oscar for those two and the other two dissapointed doesnt mean he acted bad in them. I thought Happyness and Seven Pounds were AMAZING performances.

    The idea of hancock and Legend were kinda weak but I though he delivered great acting in those regardless.

    Especially I am Legend. I can relate, not with the situation of ocurse, but with the idea of being a dad/husband then being alone and trying to cope with that. Worked for me …

  • Hey Paul,

    I know what you mean. That’s just … I don’t know … touching.
    I didn’t know there was any depth in Smith’s performance of Fresh Prince, let alone in the series as a whole, but obviously there is.

    Thx a lot for sharing, Paul!

    Greetz Vega

  • XERO

    i think he was tapping into his own frustrations growing up without a dad in that scene

  • Thanks Paul. Now I have the desire to own all of the Fresh Prince on DVD.