Whose Line Living Scenery with…Playboy Playmates


At this point I thought I’d seen just about every Whose Line Is It Anyways skit worth a damn, but somehow after all these years, I’d missed this one.

In an effort to ramp up the awkwardness to the nth degree, they brought in Playboy Playmates to be used in the Living Scenery skit, which already requires Colin and Ryan to molest the audience member as is. Funnily enough, they show far MORE restraint with these two.

The best “Living Scenery” bit will always, ALWAYS be Richard Simmons, which you can check out below:




  • GrandWazoo

    I remember that episode. I agree, it was very awkward, though somehow not as awkward as the scene that had Hugh himself.

  • lazybasterd

    I love Who’s Line.

    And man, the brunette looked really uncomfortable.

  • WhollyOriginal

    Wow. Watched them both. Richard Simmons takes the cake. That was the most ridiculous things I have ever seen, and because of it my whole office thinks I’m schizophrenic as I laugh out…loud to myself. Also it’s worth mentioning that this is my favorite site on the interwebz.