Whoops, I Missed the ‘South Park’ Premiere

I was so caught up in drinking writing last night that I completely forgot to set my DVR to record the South Park premiere. Fortunately, we no longer live in the Stone Age and I can watch the entire thing here at South Park Studios.

From this clip I gather it tackled the recent giant string of celebrity deaths we’ve had this year, and I’m sure it managed to offend just about anyone. Any of you who saw it, how was it? In my opinion South Park has been struggling for a while, but started to come back near the end of last season.

  • zero

    in my opinion south park got better after chef, towelie, and that turd dude left (around season 7 or 8). but the premier was just terrible, i didn’t have a single laugh the entire episode. they need to kill the ike character. that kid REALLY gets on my nerves. Actually, any episode with Canadians isn’t funny. i never respond on an open ended post. but my disappointment was too great to follow protocol.

    on a different note, have you tryed out ninja gaiden sigma 2. i’m a hardcore fan of NG as well. If you like difficult games, I read Demon Souls is also a good game. It’s the Japanese take on Oblivion from gameply footage.

  • Madison

    @ zero

    Can’t agree with you at all…SP was great last night, and the Canadians are almost always funny.

    I though the show did a pretty good job of dealing with the dead celebs…it really wasn’t very offensive to anyone at all, and the “shots” at Mays were all pretty light.

    Great premiere, and the commercial for “Chipoltaway” had me rolling.

    As far as NG, NG2 is maybe my favorite action game ever. I have it on the Xbox and beat it on the hardest (master ninja) difficulty level. I had somewhat of an obsession.

  • zero

    For each their own. It wasn’t offensive or anything like that to me. It just wasn’t funny. South Park and Family guy are two of my favorite shows. but last night’s episode just didn’t do it for me. The coon, now, that was a funny episode.

  • Jim

    It wasn’t terribly funny for the most part, but I couldn’t help laughing when Michael Jackson started talking. The best part was when he inhabited Ike.

  • Josh

    I laughed almost the entire way through it. Only thing I noticed is… why was John Cleese in purgatory? He hasn’t died yet…

  • Sam


  • Mr Cinema

    Where was John Cleese at in it?

  • David

    I thought it picked up as it went along. For awhile it seems they had just thought up a few funny, incendiary ideas (dead celebrities, ragging on Chipotle and Ghost Hunters) and thrown them together. But MJ’s arrival really drove the plot forward, and the over-extended plane metaphor was pretty funny.

    Overall not a favorite of mine, but I found it funny and engaging.

  • xXburekXx

    i loved it, i laughed every time billy mays came on “HI BILLY MAYS HERE”