Where Are They Now? The Cast of Doogie Howser

I keep telling you guys about the Hub Network.   Every night I always watch one episode of The Wonder Years and that is followed by Doogie Howser M.D.   I love watching these shows as I feel that they’re some of the last “sitcoms” of my generation.

Nowadays it’s all reality TV and shows that look like reality TV.   The camera work and characters looking into the camera has paved the way for “different” TV.   It’s just not the same anymore.  Not saying it’s bad.  Just saying it’s different.

Anyway, I do miss Doogie and his crew.   So what are they all up to these days????

Doogie – Neil Patrick Harris

I’m amazed at the success Neil Patrick Harris has had since this show.  He definitely seemed to go on hiatus for a bit but then bang!  Here comes Harold and Kumar.  I’m 100% convinced that role revived his career.  Now the dude is pretty much A-list with his Emmy hosting and starring role on How I met Your Mother

Vinnie – Max Casella

Ah yes, little Vinnie Delpino.  Whatever happened to that short, annoying, messed up teeth little pain in the ass?  If you’ll recall Max Casella actually had a bit role on The Sopranos as Benny Fazio.  He’s still going strong with bit TV parts.  He was recently in Hawaii Five-O and played a tiny part in The Confession as Eddie.   I’m not sure a Vinnie role is coming up too son.

Katherine Howser – Belinda Montgomery

Admit it, Doogie’s mom was kind of hot.   I hope Belinda Montgomery is reading this.   She was definitely one of the first TV MILFs out there.  Belinda still does a bit part here and there.  In fact she played Grandma Flynn in TRON:  Legacy.  But nowadays she’s a pretty serious painted and devotes most time to her artwork.

Dr. David Howser – James B. Sikking

To the older generations out there, people knew him for Hill Street Blues.  To guys like me, I knew Sikking as Dr. Howser.  To all you new people?  You have no clue who this guy is.  Sikking still acts but way less than he used to.


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