When Seinfeld Ruled the World

I can’t place where this awesome picture initially ran, but I think it’s from 1993, and it could be from Playboy, back when Seinfeld was on top of the world with his number one, brilliant show.

We talk a lot about Arrested Development here, which I consider my number one show of all time, but I would argue that Seinfeld is the number one show of all time.

Never has a show been so good, for so long, and been appreciated by audiences at the same time. When did Seinfeld jump the shark? The finale, which isn’t such a bad place to do so. And the fact that it was number one rated? It’s hard to believe the general TV watching public actually appreciated smart comedy. What’s our number one show now for the last ten years? Kids singing while people insult them.

Seinfeld really was a legend, and if anyone deserves to be crammed in a phone booth with these girls, it’s him.


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