When Seinfeld Ruled the World

I can’t place where this awesome picture initially ran, but I think it’s from 1993, and it could be from Playboy, back when Seinfeld was on top of the world with his number one, brilliant show.

We talk a lot about Arrested Development here, which I consider my number one show of all time, but I would argue that Seinfeld is the number one show of all time.

Never has a show been so good, for so long, and been appreciated by audiences at the same time. When did Seinfeld jump the shark? The finale, which isn’t such a bad place to do so. And the fact that it was number one rated? It’s hard to believe the general TV watching public actually appreciated smart comedy. What’s our number one show now for the last ten years? Kids singing while people insult them.

Seinfeld really was a legend, and if anyone deserves to be crammed in a phone booth with these girls, it’s him.

  • andrew

    Seinfeld is/was overrated. There, I said it.

    I’ve watched quite a few episodes, and it certainly has it’s moments, don’t get me wrong. But it always seemed to me that instead of actual comedy, I was supposed to be laughing at one of the 500 inside jokes they packed into each episode.

    Great, Kramer burst into the apartment like a spaz and Jerry said “Newman” in that voice…again.

    I know, I know, it’s just one person’s opinion. Anyways, I’d take Futurama or Sunny every time.

  • Bert

    @ andrew – the real inside joke was just how the four of them were pretty terrible people all told. Every one of them was rude, selfish, ignorant, and uncompromising in most situations, and was certainly prepared to screw other people over to get a leg up. I find most of the comedy comes from that dynamic, particularly when associating with the many extremely quirky cast members.

    Oddly, It’s Always Sunny has a similar setup (at least to me). Four (now five, but I digress) absolutely terrible people, and the comedy comes from the increasing degree they all go to to absolve themselves of responsibility and cheat the system.

    On another note, if I didn’t know better I’d actually expect a show described as “kids singing while people insult them” to be pretty funny! Alas, American Idol is only funny during the auditions, and even then only barely.

  • Orleanas

    You said it Andrew, and I agree. Can’t say I have ever seen a full episode.

  • Mike

    How can two of the first three comments be about Seinfeld = overrated?? You guys are nuts. I don’t think anyone would point to the inside jokes like Kramer coming in all crazy as the focal funny point an any episode. The situations these characters were in and how they reacted was just the best TV comedy has been.

  • JohnC

    I could see why it would be considered overrated, as Seinfeld receives quite a bit of praise.
    At the same time, people like to be contrarians because it’s the “cool thing” to do.

    Regardless of whatever the situation is, I have always been a fan of Seinfeld from the 1st time that I’ve seen it (grade school). There was a certain air to it that would entrance me. I was always entertained during each episode.

    I do love me some Arrested Development and Always Sunny is exceptional (as well), but nothing is quite like Seinfeld for me.

    Nostalgia probably has a lot to do with my fondness of the show.

  • CrazyBlue

    I wouldn’t say that it ruled the world. It hasn’t been very big in Europe, and especially compared to Friends here in the UK.

  • Sam

    I have seen every episode but I too think it’s extremely overrated. That’d not to say i don’t like it, I really do. It’s just not the greatest show of all time, or even top 10 in my opinion. It might not even crack my top 20.

  • RobG

    Seinfeld was a great great show and one of the best but The Simpsons is easily THE number one show of all time. Much like Kanye West’s lyrics it shaped an entire generations sense of humour. I know it’s jumped the shit out of the shark by now but there’s no denying it’s power.

  • phillystrong

    Seinfeld is not overrated at all, what so ever. Every sitcom before it was the same old formula. Every sitcom after and during it was the same old formula. The exceptions are The Office (but that gets old quick), Arrested Development, Modern Family (but they use the old formula in a new way) and Always Sunny but sunny is a more depraved version of Seinfeld. What Seinfeld and Larry David did was so insanely unique. Every episode has that ending were every story intertwines and hilarity ensues.

    Orleanas, how can you say a show is overrated when you’ve never seen it? Go watch everybody loves Raymond, Friends, or Two and a Half men and don’t comment on something you have never watched.

    • Nattyb

      Agreed! Best show ever.