What TV Shows Aliens Are Watching Now

tv shows

I don’t understand science at all, but I keep hearing that we’re constantly broadcasting our TV and radio feeds out into the stars, and if there’s any alien life out there than can pick up the signal, they might see our shows and learn a thing or two about Earth. How do I know this? Galaxy Quest, of course.

Anyway, Abtruse Goose went through and mapped out exactly which programming is being broadcast to which stars depending on when the shows originally aired. Most aliens will be watching a lot of classics like The Twilight Zone and The Brady Bunch, while only the ones close by will get to see the new era of The Sopranos, Lost, and ick, Jersey Shore. Can’t we beam those waves into the sun instead?

[Insert joke about an advanced race of aliens not being able to figure out what the hell happened at the end of Lost]

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