What The Hell Do We Watch on Sunday Nights Now?


So after having my 600th conversation about how amazing Dexter’s ending was and discussing the amazingness that is Pauly from Jersey Shore (even though that’s not on Sundays) I all of a sudden felt a bitterness inside.  It was like I was about to dive into this horrible black abyss.  And I realized what the problem was.  I am no longer looking forward to Sunday nights.

And that’s a big problem…

I mean if you’re going to start off the week right you kind of want to go in knowing that at least you watched some kick ass television on Sunday.  And up until last night Sunday night television has been absolutely fantastic.  Just knowing that I’d get to see Dexter followed by Californication makes going to sleep fun.

Although I will say that Californication isn’t nearly as good as it used to be.  Hank needs to just bang chicks way more and be a total degenerate while at the same time make us realize how good a guy he is because the way he talks is highly intelligent and even sympathetic to the plight of women.     I mean granted the show is still good and better than much of the stuff on TV, I think it needs to head back to the trashiness that people so fondly love.

In any event, my withdrawal has already started.  What the hell am I going to do now?  Anyone?  Let’s get a little thread going about Sunday possibilities.   I need a new show to comment on come Monday morning.

  • Bryan

    There’s always football for the next month.

  • matt

    I watch football, but I have to admit for about two weeks after the season ends I spend Sundays a little pissed off. Anyway I watched Dexter on Mondays and after the finale I felt a bit bitter so I sympathize, and anyway it can’t compare to the bitterness I feel every time I watch Firefly, or Serenity, or hell even Castle, or Chuck so comfort yourself with the knowledge that it will be back and Netflix it up.

    P.S. Californication blows.

  • Madison

    I think Sunday has officially become Netflix Night in my apartment.

  • chelsea

    i usually watch all the dvr’ed conans from the week before… and i started re-watching all the LOST seasons to gear up for February!

  • Rory

    Wait for Mad Men to come back, or watch the old episodes if you haven’t already.