What Heroes Did Right in the Volume 3 Finale


Like just about everyone, I’ve felt that Heroes has really fallen off since Volume 1.  I was willing to give the inferior Volume 2 a pass because of the complications from the Writer’s Strike, but Volume 3 has had tons of nonsensical blunders.  I could harp on the show flaw’s, but Sub-Zero does plenty of that already.  The Volume 3 Finale, I thought, did a great job of setting up a potentially awesome Volume 4 while giving us some resolution, too.  There will be spoliers, so stop reading if you want to watch the episode fresh.  The finale wasn’t flawless (Why didn’t Noah decapitate Sylar once Claire stuck the glass in the back of Sylar’s head?  Because there was no time since the building was going to explode?  Ehhh.), but there were some things it got right:

Sylar is undoubtedly evil


For the most part, we were spared the lame, trying-to-please-Mommy-and-Daddy Sylar and were given the murderous, sadistic Sylar.  That’s a very good thing.  Without a strong villain, the actions of the heroes seem meaningless.  Sylar is more than just a killer now, too; he seems to relish tormenting his victims, and with his ability, he can understand exactly what will make them suffer.  And no, he didn’t die in the explosion.  Nobody really believes that Sylar is dead, do they?

Nathan is a villain


Nathan has always been sketchy, but now he’s becoming like a mutant Uncle Tom.  Nathan’s ability is flight, which is kind of lame, but his position as a U.S. Senator is what makes him powerful.  I love the developing brother/brother nemesis relationship between Nathan and Peter, and it’s pretty clear that Nathan is the bad guy.  Peter may not always do what’s right, but he tries to, and he cares about people.  Nathan is the opposite, and gives us a villain that is as dangerous as Sylar.

Time Travel May Be Finished


There’s a very good chance that the writers heard the complaints of time travel ruining the show and figured out a way to eliminate it.  I think I know how it may work.  Five people can or could travel through time: Arthur Petrelli, Hiro, Peter, and a Daphne/Ando combination.  Arthur Petrelli is dead.  Robert Forster ain’t coming back on this show.  Trust me, he’s dead.  So no time travel from Arthur.  Next, Hiro is powerless.  The formula is destoyed (the substance, not the paper), so he’s not going to get his ability back that way.  Not anytime soon, at least.  If Peter regained his empath ability (and thus absorbed Nathan’s flight ability as opposed to gaining just the ability of flight through the formula), he may have to reabsorb his once-acquired abilites.  With no Arthur around and a powerless Hiro, he can’t do that.  Finally, Daphne and Ando can time travel together, but not separately.  Kill Daphne in the beginning of Volume 4 (I am pretty sure a lot of characters are being written off), and time travel no longer exists in the Heroes universe.  Plus, would anybody mind if Daphne was killed?  Her romance with Parkman is one of the worst storylines of Volume 3.

Meredith Died


It looks like the writers may be trying to solve the overcrowding problem in addition to the time travel problem.  One of the big criticisms of this show was the excess of characters and how many of them were dead weight.  Meredith was killed tonight, and I doubt audiences will miss her.  Her ability was lame and she didn’t add much to the storylines.  Knox was also killed, but even he was better than Meredith.

All the pieces are in place for a good Volume 4


I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but I think Volume 4 can be very good.  Factions have formed, weak characters have been written off the show, and the motivations of the characters have become more defined.  There are two strong villains in place, and the biggest plot hole creator – time travel – may have been written off for good.  Like I wrote earlier, the show has its flaws, but I think the writers may have gotten this ship back on course.  Hopefully Bryan Fuller helps.

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