We’re the An…imain….iacs!


There’s just something about voice actors speaking as their famous characters in real life that is always awesome. By now we’ve probably all see the Simpsons and Family Guy casts do it at least once, but how about the Animaniacs?

If you are remotely close to my age, you grew up with these animated nutjobs, and when you hear Yakko actor Rob Paulsen sing the ENTIRE Nations of the World song for fans, it just might bring a tear to your eye.

I’m shocked that A) he remembers the entire thing and B) he still has the lung capacity to get through it without passing out. A really cool guy and a really cool video.


  • Bert

    It’s really amazing to think back on how much this series (and the offshoots like Pinky & the Brain and Freakazoid) influenced my sense of humour as an adult. Definitely a classic.

  • Cody

    His name was Robert Paulsen
    His name was Robert Paulsen
    His name was Robert Paulsen

  • MattChi


  • Keagan

    You should check out the Nerdist podcast, Robert and Maurice (the voice of Brain) did an amazing episode

  • Jim Lahey

    That was amazing! I love Animaniacs/Pinky and the Brain so much. I agree with Bert, their humor is definitely still my go-to.

  • Diablo

    If you really want to get depressed about your childhood, look at how those shows were basically railroaded off the air by one man. And its not just Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, but Batman, Freakazoid, and pretty much the channel’s entire lineup. Got gutted by Jamie Kellner who never met a popular show he didn’t want to cancel. Even better, he repeatedly argued against DVR’s as being illegal. Total ass.

  • Kandice

    Omg, I made all sorts of giddy squealing noises while watching this. This brings back sooo many memories.

    Since they’re rebooting/reviving everything nowadays, you think we have a chance to see it again? Or maybe we should just launch a Kickstarter.

  • MetFanMac

    There’s about 60 different videos on YouTube of Mr. Paulsen singing the song over the years, mostly at conventions. I’m amazed he doesn’t seem to be completely sick of it. Hey, fanboys: Yakko sang other songs, too! Why dodn’t you ask him to sing the Universe Song or something?

  • Rich

    Great vid, personally I liked the States/Capitals one better.

  • phelan1005

    I used to be late to school because of this show… a classic!