Viral Marketing at Its Finest


If I’m featuring a commercial here on the site, chances are its not because I’m getting paid to do so, rather it must be really damn good.

I didn’t exactly understand what I was watching when this video first started, as I thought it might just be an elaborate practical joke. But as it turns out, it’s a bit of dramatic viral  marketing, and a good show at that.

I’m pretty sure you couldn’t pull this off in the States, as if you had a fake gunfight, someone with a real gun would pull it out and try to help.

  • Jim Lahey

    “If I’m featuring a commercial here on the site, chances are its not because I’m getting paid to do so, rather it must be really damn good.”

    Cocky much? Sorry, I know what you were saying, but read the words you wrote and tell me you didn’t sound like a huge d-bag if you emphasize the first “I’m” and “must.” I read it as, “If I’M featuring a commercial here on the site, chances are I’m not getting paid, rather it MUST be really damn good,” as if you only ever put up amazing things on this site because your ability to determine how awesome something is far exceeds everyone else’s.

  • Jim, I didn’t get that at all from his post, and actually, you sound like the douche.

    That said, you couldn’t get away with something like this in the states because someone would get hit by one of those speeding cars on the street. I don’t think that anybody would think this was real and start shooting back. Someone would go running where they weren’t spposed to be so they can get their 15 minutes of fame by, photobombing the actors, or try planking or some other retarded thing, and they would get plowed by a car coming on to the scene. TNT would get sued and there would be a huge public outcry against marketing stunts like this…

  • WakyWizerdX

    Adam pretty much hit the nail on the head. I especially liked how you mentioned Americans would try planking in the shot XD. That being said Jim get over yourself.

  • wannes

    this was taken in aarschot belgium about 5 miles from where i live =P wish i saw it

  • Cartle

    It kinda did sound that way Jim. I’m surprised we have Unreality fanboys ;( No one wants “Yes men”

  • Verve

    I don’t know which random part was better- random bikini girl driving around or random football EMS squad.

    @Jim- don’t be a dick. He obviously meant it’s a good video if it’s not being paid for and was posted. What kind of insecurity do you have that you need to read all kinds of psychological crap into a simple statement?

    @Cartle- It’s not being a “yes man” when you call a dick a dick. You’re not much better, either.

  • @Jim

    I always welcome your constructive criticism (well, most of the time), but you’re really off base here. Even with your strange points of emphasis, I think it’s pretty clear that I just meant that the commercial must be pretty good if it’s worth featuring on a site that’s not even getting paid to run it.

    Often sites ARE paid to run commercials, but I was just saying that this one was SO good, I was doing it for free. It was not some high praise of Unreality’s quality of posts, it was complimenting the commercial on being very well done to be able to stack up with the types of videos normally featured here, which are usually funny or cool shorts not advertising anything at all.

  • Mike

    This reminds of the event T-mobile did in the UK, getting 100’s of well placed actors to start randomly dancing to different classic songs in the middle of Liverpool Station. You couldn’t tell who was hired and who was just joining in.

    Though this commercial seems to be less ‘lol funny dancing’ and more ‘oh god is this real?! what the shit is happening?!’ for the pedestrians watching.

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  • random bikini girl driving around

    Yeah, it’s awesome that riding a motorcyle half naked counts as “drama” for women. Women are never secret agents or paramedics, not in real life, and certainly never on TNT.