ABC’s V Remake May Be the Best Show of Next Season


When I heard that ABC was planning on remaking V” I thought “Aw no, not that ’80s miniseries with lizards,” but now that they’ve released the first footage from the show, I now have extremely high hopes for the project, as it looks like it will do what Battlestar Galactica did, and remake the old campy show into something sleek, modern and engaging.

The two clips we see here are of Firefly‘s Morena Baccarin as the alien leader addressing the people of earth on her giant LCD spaceships, telling them that they come in peace and just want to drink our water and give us free stuff. The second clip (after the jump) we get a glimpse of alien shadiness, as she refuses to do a TV interview unless the questions all paint her people in a positive light. She must have turned down Fox I guess, who would have been effectively dry humping her leg.

In addition to Baccarin (who I must say it’s nice to see again), another Firefly alum, Alan Tudyk has a role in the series along with Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell. ABC is clearly hoping to create a rabid Lost-esque fan base with this show, and I have to say, they’re off to a damn good start.


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