Unreality’s Hero of the Week: Ari Gold


Name: Ari Gold

Show: Entourage

Occupation: Partner in Miller-Gold Agency

Interests: Mrs. Ari, Vincent Chase’s career, Ferrari 430 Spyders, berating people because of their height, race and/or sexual orientation

Dislikes: Josh Weinstein, Adam Davies, Billy Walsh, Bob Ryan, Allen, Terrence, Amanda, the list goes on…

Why he’s our hero: Ari would normally find himself winning our “Bastard of the Week” award, but this Sunday he actually showed he doesn’t always have his own best interests at heart.

In what might have been the best Entourage in recent memory, Ari turned down an offer to head Warner Bros, but leveraged the situation in such a way that he got Vince his role in Smokejumpers, Dana Gordon her dream job as studio head, himself a friendly Warner Bros. to work with and Lloyd the chance to say “Whoopie!”

He may be an dick, but he’s an dick with a heart.

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  1. Jolin December 16, 2008

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