Unreality’s Bastard of the Week: Liz Lemon


Name: Liz Lemon

Show: 30 Rock

Occupation: Head writer for TGS with Tracy Jordan on NBC

Interest: Self-loathing, ice cream, Teamster subs, Oprah, BLERGH

Dislikes: Dresses, MILF Island, jury duty, pregnancy scares

Why she’s our bastard: This week, Liz went to her high school reunion which she thought would be a good time, due to the fact that she’s transformed from a complete nerd into a nerd with her own TV show. But when she got there, she found that everyone else had been terrified of her in high school thanks to her sharp tongue that tore all the popular kids to shreds.

Also, now it’s been confirmed that she’s going to start hooking up with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm on the show, leaving millions of women all around the country saying, “Her?”

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