Unreality’s Bastard of the Week: Kelly Kapur


Name: Kelly Kapur

Show: The Office

Occupation: Customer service rep at Dunder Mifflin

Interests: Netflix, Sex and the City, Brangelina, Romeo and Juliet (the Claire Danes one)

Dislikes: Ryan Howard, Bend it Like Beckham

Why she’s our bastard: To answer your question, yes, girls can be bastards too. Kelly wins this week’s award for being absolutely #$%^ing crazy on Thursday, sabotaging Jim and Dwight’s performances reviews because they didn’t come to her America’s Got Talent finale party.

Overlooking the believability of a person costing someone a bonus because they didn’t come to a party, the sabotage made for some great moments in the episode: Jim, Dwight and Michael’s three-way sales call with Mr. Buttlicker, Jim and Dwight bonding as they unravel the conspiracy and an I-can-relate moment from Michael when he bemoans how people never show up to his parties so he’s stuck with leftovers. Aw Michael, I would totally eat your guacamole (that’s what she said).

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