Unreality’s Bastard of the Week: Duck Phillips


Name: Duck Phillips

Show: Mad Men

Occupation: Head of Accounts at Sterling Cooper

Interests: Second chances, alcohol, power, alcohol and mergers. And alcohol.

Dislikes: Don Draper

Why he’s our bastard: In the Mad Men season finale, Duck put the final touches on the underhanded merger he orchestrated between Putnam and Lowe and Sterling Cooper. He wormed his way into being named president, and announced that the agency would now be focused on buying and selling TV airspace.

At that point, Don stood up and declared that he sold products, not ad space, and announced his intentions to leave the company, resulting in some fist slamming from Duck. If his manipulations really do cause Don to leave Sterling Cooper, he’s even more of a bastard then we’re giving him credit for.

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  1. Rosie November 14, 2008

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