University of Wisconsin Plays the Game of Thrones Theme on Its Bell Tower

University is a Wisconsin is a rare Big Ten school that Michigan does NOT have an enormous rivalry with, so I feel comfortable posting about something awesome they did here.

To celebrate the excellentness of Game of Thrones, they had their bell player grab some bell sheet music for the Game of Thrones theme. I thought that it was like a team of people all puling giant ropes in unison, but I guess things have changed since uh, the 1300s. Now it’s some giant piano-ish thing run by one guy.

It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty damn cool. I picture him throwing a Bran Stark mannequin from the top as a grand finale.

  • Lucas

    I graduated from Purdue University and the clock tower there is a thing of beauty. After viewing this amazing feat – I immediately sent an e-mail to Purdue hoping to get someone over there excited and to get our tower doing the same thing (hopefully better!)

    Thanks for posting this. Last night’s episode was AMAZING! (long live GOT)

  • anon

    Paul, I am starting to lose faith that you will ever grasp the concept of proof reading..

    Son, I am disappoint.