True Blood: I Want to do V so Bad


If you’ve been watching True Blood – which you should be – you know that humans use vampire blood, or “V,” as a drug.  I want to do some V pretty friggin bad, preferably with someone like Lizzy Caplan.  Sure, maybe there’d be some annoying side effects that come along with withdrawl, but I figure I’m used to waking up hungover so it can’t be that bad.  Read more about V and why I want to do it after the jump:

So what does V do to a person?  Well, for one, we know that it makes you an absolute animal in bed.  But the stuff isn’t like Viagra (which I recommend – it’s like having a power tool strapped to your crotch), because it affects your mind and soul.  In True Blood, Jason and Amy (pictured above) both reach intense orgasm while on V, despite the fact that they never actually have sex – unlike this guy:


If that’s the case, then an orgasm on V would be unlike one anyone has ever experienced.  Being on V also makes you hallucinate, as bright and colorful images appear.  It seems as though all your senses are enhanced and you become one with nature and those around you (especially if they are also on V).  All that said, I don’t see the downside.  I want to score some V, and I want to score it now!  Now who’s got some aspirin so we can snort this stuff?