Why It’s So Great To Be Tracy Morgan on 30 Rock

Tracy Jordan

As I watched yet another what I’d consider to be flawless episode of 30 Rock yesterday I couldn’t help thinking how amazingly funny Tracy Morgan is.   And as I tried to pinpoint it the show perfectly pointed it out when his character uttered something along the lines of “I’m just glad all these people tune it to laugh at what I say” or “how I act” to his wife.

I mean what the hell is so funny about Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan?  Seriously if I asked myself a million times I would always answer with the following: “he just is.”  Clearly his dialogue on the show is incredibly well written and it ties in perfectly with his incredibly naive character, but it’s more than that.

I mean how often do you see a character that says his lines as if he’s reading them be so damned funny?  If this were to happen on any other show you’d be like “this guy sucks, he’s probably reading from queue cards.”  But the fragmented speaking, funny gestures and almost “sweetness” to Jordan simply makes me laugh my ass off.

And to be perfectly honest, Jordan wasn’t all that funny on SNL until the show started to pick up on this stuff, as in the Doo Doo Brown and Brian Fellows characters.  Bottom line, just make fun of Jordan for being himself.

At least that’s how I see it.  And as long as they stick with that formula I shall continue to laugh wholeheartedly during this show.   Morgan stepped into a goldmine with this character and I’m happy for the guy.

  • Madison

    Tracy Morgan is so hit or miss for me. He’s great on 30 Rock, but on SNL he was either hilarious or terrible. Have you ever seen his standup? It’s maybe the worst I’ve ever seen from a “big name” comedian. Just unwatchable.

  • I heard the writers don’t distinguish between Tracy Jordan and Tracy Morgan when writing for him. They just view him as the same person.

  • Nattyb

    His stand up is abysmal.

  • Cheryl

    I recently started watching 30 Rock, at first it was for Kenneth but I agree that Tracy is pretty funny. I liked Sherri Sheppard as his wife too!

  • BanditOne

    I got a stripper story I need to tell you guys, and it is DISGUSTING!

  • Ellie

    “He’s Evil Tracy! Oh! He’s evil COMMA Tracy.”

    I’ve been saying that quote since the episode aired (about two weeks or so).

  • RobG

    30 rock is so overrated. It’s basically a poor man’s Arrested Development. I enjoy it, but it’s not worth all the praise it’s getting.

  • Bert

    Just FYI – it’s CUE cards. A Queue is a line of people.

  • Natty,

    Thank you for calling out that particular line of dialogue. I think that line was was of the funniest things I have heard someone say on TV in quite sometime. It was perfect, because it not only fit the character, but also winkingly broke the 4th wall for me. You know what, Tracy Morgan is certainly lucky people laugh when he says stuff.

    I don’t think I ever got Tracy Morgan until I saw him on this show. He may not have the widest range for a comedic actor, but he has a few things he does really really well. Playing himself is apparently one of them.