Tracy Jordan’s Life in the Ghetto


If any of you watched 30 Rock this week, you saw this brilliant moment, that was actually so brilliant, it had to be extended as the last scene of the episode. It had Tracy Jordan’s memories of his life in the ghetto flood back to him when he revisited his old stairwell, and what followed was a tirade of ridiculousness.

I’m not sure if this was all Tracy Morgan improving, or if the writers just came up with so many good ideas they wanted him to perform them all, but either way, it goes to show that 30 Rock is in fact the funniest show on TV today. Yes, I’m done with my “The Office should win the Emmy instead” campaign, as that ship sailed about two seasons ago.

  • Velovan

    I’ve watched The Office for a long time now, but it’s clearly the inferior product at this point. Morgan’s rant last Thursday was funnier than any scene The Office has done all season.

  • SF

    What about Parks and Recreation?

  • J5

    Community>30 Rock>Office

  • Guy Incognito

    I’m gonna go with Parks and Recreation.

  • Tracy MORGAN

    Tracy MORGAN. Fix it before I fix you…

  • jose

    Tracy Jordan is the name of the character Tracy Morgan plays on 30 Rock. You know, that show on NBC you’re obviously unfamiliar with.

  • What the fuck is everyone talking about? It’s fine.

  • jessica

    I still can’t stop laughing. that scene was BRILLIANT.