The Top 10 SNL Digital Shorts of All Time


This past Saturday wrapped up the 35th season of Saturday Night Live.  Before you start in with the “SNL is still on the air?” and “SNL stopped being funny back in 1995” jokes, just know that I still watch the show regularly and still find it pretty funny.  No, not every show is a winner, but more often than not, the episodes are pretty good.  This past Saturday’s season finale was great.  Sure, it’s easier to not watch and say it sucks, but you’re missing out.

Anyway, one of the bits on SNL that I’ve enjoyed for quite some time has been the mostly Lonely Island-produced Digital Shorts.  Dating back to around 2005, Digital Shorts almost always feature one of my favorite cast members – Andy Samberg – and are routinely amongst the funniest bits on the show.  There’s a lot to choose from, and after the jump, you can check out the Top 10 SNL Digital Shorts of all time.

10. Great Day


“Great Day” premiered this past Saturday night, and after watching it, I immediately had to see it again. Dennis reminds me of Ellis from Die Hard, which is automatically a good thing, and the concept of a guy who threw his life away for coke singing a showtunes-style song is hilarious. I can’t decide which joke I like better – when Dennis eyes turn red and Satanic, or when Dennis thinks he’s in the Matrix. Either way, “Great Day” was a great way to finish the season.

9. People Getting Punched Right Before Eating

So simply yet so effective. The concept of randomly blasting someone in the face is quite entertaining, if I do say so. Nice Bon Jovi cameo, too.

8. Space Olympics


I actually wasn’t a huge fan of the “Space Olympics” at first, but it really grew on me. You can’t enforce a curfew when there’s no light or sound. Go figure.

7. Natalie Rap


As if I didn’t already love Natalie Portman enough. Her potty mouth in this rap just drives me wild.

6. Laser Cats 5

All of the “Laser Cats” shorts are pretty good, but adding Cameron and his willingness to poke fun at himself makes the most recent one the best and worthy of a spot on this list. Throwing in Sigourney Weaver, Samberg covered in blue paint, and the toilet flushing as a “special effect,” and this one is a winner.

5. Jizz in My Pants


Not as strong as anything in the Top 4, but still pretty damn funny.

4. I’m on a Boat


I honestly had no idea who T-Pain was before this video. Poor Jorma doesn’t get to ride the boat.

3. Like a Boss


If you’ve seen the real video by Slim Thug, it makes this one that much funnier. All the rap guys are always talking about how they run things and call all the shots, and putting that concept in an office setting is just brilliant. Poor Deborah.

(Hope you enjoy this one, Aaron)

2. Lazy Sunday


I really struggled not putting this in the top spot. It pretty much put Samberg on the map, it’s damn catchy, and has spawned countless copycat videos. “Lazy Sunday” is just filled with memorable lines, and as a New Yorker who can appreciate Magnolia Bakery, this one hits close to home.

1. Dick in a Box


Was it even a question? Timberlake should host SNL at least once a season.


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