Time to Psychoanalyze the LOST Supper


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This magazine scan comes from US Weekly of all places, but it’s worth posting because I believe it’s the first bit of final season Lost promo material that isn’t a collage of other crap from all the previous seasons. It clues us in to who’s going to be important in the final season (Ilana? Sure) and knowing Lost, it’s sure to contain more hidden clues. But knowing US Weekly, which is about as shallow as an empty pool, it probably doesn’t. That giant arm to the right? I’m guessing that’s part of a Heidi Montag bikini shot.

The image ins’t as cool as Battlestar Galactica‘s Last Supper, but  I dig it all the same. John Locke as Jesus? Can’t really beat that. Claire just looks bored. Maybe that’s because she’s exhausted from sitting in a damn shack for a year.


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