There’s No Such Thing as Good Firefly Cosplay

Yesterday I posted a pretty sad picture of some of the worst Star Wars cosplay I’d ever seen. To make up for it, I was going to do a gallery of great costumes today, and was taking requests for who I should feature.

Commenter Johnny Buongiorno asked, “i’d like to see good firefly cosplay.Β is there such a thing?”

I’m here today to tell you that after a lot of searching, the answer is generally “no.”

I think it’s a combination of two factors that make this the case. The first is that for the most part, the Firefly cast is wearing somewhat normal clothes. Yes, there’s a bit of Asian and Western thrown in, but nothing crazy outrageous, making cosplaying them harder as the looks aren’t always that distinctive. To truly cosplay the cast, you really just need to find people who look a lot like the actors, which is really hard to find and brings me to my next point.

Fans of Firefly that are devoted enough to dress up in full regalia are on average, dorkier than most. This is true about cosplayers in general really, but you’ll usually be able to find a few male and female hotties to do excellent work on some of the more mainstream characters, which we’ve featured plenty of here in the past.

So Firefly cosplay is mainly nerdy looking people dressing in ill-fitting clothes, and therefore I wouldn’t call too many of these “good” as you’ve see above. I think there was a decent Jayne, a good River, but that’s really it out of all of them. I’m not judging, as I respect people’s love for this show, and I’d look equally dweebish in any of these costumes. But you asked for it, and here’s what I found:

Bonus points for being made out of duct tape.

I approve of this Jayne!

I approve of this River!



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