The X-Men of Greendale

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Behold, the best crossover of the year. Artist Aviv Or has taken the cast of Community, and cast them as various X-Men heroes and villains, and I have to say, the selections are spot-on.

Community loves doing themed episodes, and I’m tempted to tweet this to the cast to give them a few ideas. At the very least, they could all have Halloween episodes for next season (which hopefully is going to exist).

Dean as Emma Frost? I can’t stop laughing.

Check out each individual character below:

  • ash

    I came by to see if you were blacked out today. Sucks that you aren’t.

  • Alex

    I started watching community three days ago and I love it. And I love this

  • I do not have the authority to close down the site for day. I have however, been organizing this, so I feel like I’ve been contributing to the cause.

  • Venro

    @ash, check the banner.

  • ash

    @Paul, my apologies. And I noticed the banner just now. You do what you can, I support that.

  • MattChi

    This is the greatest thing I’ve seen in weeks.

  • Jim Lahey


    You don’t own the site? I thought you did.

  • trashcanman

    Woo-hoo! Also, down with SOPA. Abed-Xavier should use his psychic diss powers to remotely fucking destroy every so-called “representative” who votes yes on that shit.

  • Drester

    So, who’s Annie suppose to be? Shadowcat?

  • Chant

    I think annie is supposed to be jubilee. Also, surely jeff should be wolverine???

  • Wermine

    Jeff is the leader of the bunch, so he’s Cyclops. Wolverine doesn’t lead much, he’s a lone wolf…erine.