The Wire’s Character Alignment Chart

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Guess what I learned today? That character alignment charts are from Dungeons and Dragons. How many nerd cred points do I lose for that revelation? Look, it’s not my fault, I was never allowed anywhere near the game due to all the “Satanic properties” it possessed and what not. Though they said the same thing about Final Fantasy…

Anyways, I love these charts, and have featured them on the site here before. I also love The Wire, which makes posting this a no brainer. I think all the spots line up pretty well, and man, do I  miss this show.

I heard one of you (Josh?) saying you couldn’t get into it, but trust me, it’s worth it. Hands down my favorite drama of all time.

[via MightyGodKing]

  • Schiapu

    You’re grown up now. Pleas don’t tell me that you still haven’t played D&D? If you haven’t, then go ahead and find a party! Might make for an interesting journal/article for Unreality

  • Sam

    Josh said he couldn’t handle the swearing. I doubt that mcnulty quote would convince him to give it another shot.
    Can anyone look at clay davis and not automatically say “sheeeeeeit”

  • james

    Sheeeeeeeeeeit! apparently not. Wonder where Bunk would be? Lawful Good or Neutral Good.

  • juan

    now, you’re gonna have too explain too me how stringer bell is Lawful evil. i mean sure he tried to straighten out at the end of the 3rd season but he did so he coould operate withoout getting arrested. although maybe i’m remembering wrong