The Wire Monopoly Really Should Exist

(click to see the full board)

The Wire is my favorite drama of all time, and therefore of COURSE I would buy its Monopoly variant were it made available to the public. Sadly, this is just an artist’s rendering from ThePoke, and one can only dream.

It features some classic locations from the show, including The Stoop, The Rim Shop, The Co-op and City Hall filling in for Boardwalk. Other of my favorite spaces include “Omar’s Coming!” (lose $10,000) and Avon Barksdale and Marlo Stanfield’s respective corners.

I know I said it in my “shows you should watch” post, but seriously, watch The Wire if you haven’t already. There just has not ever been a more realistic TV drama.


  1. Bandit October 8, 2010
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