The Walking Dead Stupidity Countdown

I like The Walking Dead for the most part, and I think it even has great moments sometimes (like the jaw-dropping last ten minutes of the previous episode), but as it returned last night, it reminded me that there’s often a whole lot of stupid going on. For as cool as the concept is, there are just plot developments and character motivations that have me scratching my head week after week.

I’m not doing a full review, but here’s my countdown of the dumbest moments of last night’s episode.

5. Hershel still thinks he can tell eight people, armed to the teeth, to “get off his property.”

4. Yes, Nebraska is clearly the best bet because it’s full of small towns and lots of guns. Completely unlike the exact place they’re in now.

3. Zombies induce young love. Really Maggie, you’ve fallen hard for the little Asian errand boy and have professed your love for him after knowing him for a WEEK? But don’t worry, as Rick says I’m sure you’re “smart enough to know what you’re feeling.”

2. Cocky guy from Pittsburgh, you waltz into a bar and try to outdraw THREE men with your fat friend? And they didn’t even tell you where the farm was! And if you did find it, I’m pretty sure Shane would butcher you before you came within 500 yards. I just don’t know why you’d even ACT like you were drawing down in that situation at the bar, much less ACTUALLY DO IT. If you were that stupid, you shouldn’t have survived this long.

1. Lori, they already went to get Herschel  because they knew the girl was sick. What the hell were you speeding over there to urgently tell them? No guys, she’s REALLY in shock now. Annnd bam, you wrecked a perfectly good Mercury Sable and possibly killed your unborn child. Way to go.


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