The Walken Dead

You know, I’m sure there might have been a more detailed way to illustrate this, but just the concept alone made me laugh out loud. Yes, Christopher Walken probably looks more like a zombie already than any live human being, but he’d be twice as terrifying if he was actually undead.

He’s not doing much these days, AMC call him up and make him show up as a guest zombie that someone beats to death with a cowbell.

And to answer someone’s question, I don’t think I’m doing weekly reviews of the show, as I just want to relax and enjoy a new show for a change rather than analyze it. Though if something significant happens, I will talk about it from time to time. Like last week it was bullshit when that key fell down the drain. Make a moral choice damnit! Don’t just force the characters to do things. I thought the drama was far less impactful than the pilot where the guy had to decide whether to shoot his own wife or not. Still good stuff though.


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