The Walken Dead Come to Life


It’s far from the first time I’ve heard this pun, but it’s the first time I’ve finally seen the dream of The Walken Dead fully realized.

Some intrepid amateur filmmakers decided to shoot a zombie short where the only verbal abilities the undead still possess are a host of Christopher Walken quotes, making them yes, the Walken Dead.

It’s actually pretty hilarious, and I’d be all for AMC giving them their own brief timeslot during one of the episodes. Maybe during Talking Dead?

Also, how about that episode last night? Finally something interesting happening with a tough moral choice on the line. I predicted that’s what had happened before they revealed it, but damn, still pretty intense to see it unfold. Glad the show is starting to really force its characters to evolve and make impossible choices like that.

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  1. Taint October 31, 2011

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