The Very Best of Sal and Richard’s Prank Phone Calls


Unless you’ve got a huge stick up your butt, you have to love a good prank phone call.  I made tons of prank calls in elementary school, got a bit better at it during middle school, and perfected the art in high school.  Still, despite all my experience and ambition, I have nothing on Sal and Richard from The Howard Stern Show.  My friend -known only as The Leviathan – is a huge Stern fan and introduced me to these prank calls and…well, you’ll see for yourself how funny they are.  They will sometimes even pretend they are running a radio show, and yes, sometimes the calls may be a bit cruel.  Some of the content may not be appropriate for work (things that are funny usually aren’t), so listen at your own risk.  After the jump, have fun with some of the very best prank calls from Sal and Richard.

Chinese Confusion


Using Sounds from Will the Farter


Monster Truck Pizza


Prank Call to Steve Langford


Hugs for Harlem


Rainforest Relief


Harvey Science Show


Dorothy Cornhole


Messing with Eric the Midget


  • David

    I must have a huge stick stuck up my butt because from my point of view you guys are engaging in harrassing Sally & Dick are engaging in harrassing communications on a weekly basis. The only humor that I see in it is that two people who attempt to belittle the education of others can be so stupid that they break the law on a regular basis. As Forrest Gump would say “Stupid is as stupid does”.

    Now that’s funny.

  • Jim

    Hey David, pull that gigantic stick out of your ass, would ya? Thanks.

  • muckypup75

    hey david, did the good lord make you half a sissy or something? im 34 and laugh my ass off every time i hear one of their prank calls. hell i even prank people every now and again myself just for shits and giggles.

  • Jo

    Fuck you David! Your mom is a whore