The Ultimate ’90s Nerd Battle

Yes, just yes.

This is my favorite piece of art I’ve seen in a long while, as it represents my favorite era of sitcom TV with two of its best shows. The showdown between uber nerds Screech and Urkel would be legendary, though I think with his science, Steven Q. would come out on top.

It took me a minute to remember that there was actually an Urkel bot on Family Matters. Urkel built it and it fell in love with Laura like him and went crazy and he had to kill it. Pretty intense for an episode of Family Matters. But that show was full of wacky stuff like that, like when Steven invented a “cool machine” that transformed him into the suave “Stephan Urquel.” Then he invented a cloning machine, which made a copy of himself that was permanently transformed into Stephan, then he invented a teleporter that transported everyone to France, and Stephan stayed there to be a model. Good lord, how is all this stuff ingrained in my brain to this degree?

Artist is Marco D’Alfonso.

  • Jim Lahey

    I completely forgot aobut them going to France and having Stephan stay there. Thank you for the rush of 90’s memories that ame flooding in with that.

  • Rosstopher

    My hate for Dustin Diamond knows no bounds. I hate that I know his name, I’d punch him out if I ever saw him.

  • Ender88

    HaHa. Urkle would kick some serious ass. lol the Stephan episodes…yup brings me back. I was never a fan of Saved By the Bell although Kelley was smokin hot.

  • Mr. Right

    lol I don’t respect anyone who spent the 90’s watching shows like these instead of Toonami.