The TV Special Effects You Didn’t Even Know They Were Using



When we think of special effects, we usually are talking about the sorts of blockbuster CGI sequences you see on the big screen. Whether it’s giant robots fighting or Greek gods smiting each other, it’s very clear when computers are aiding or building what’s happening onscreen.

Not so with TV. Though CGI characters are rare, that’s not the case with backgrounds. Often times a tight budget leads to less than elaborate sets being built, and computers are brought in to fill in the gaps. Often times, you have no idea this is happening, as evidenced by the gallery below.

It really is impressive how far this technology has come. It’s what allows shows like The Walking Dead to truly feel like its happening after the apocalypse, or Boardwalk Empire to actually take place inside the roaring ’20s. I can only imagine what things will be like another 10 or 20 years from now.

Check out the other comparisons below:














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  • want to know what is cgi in game of thrones? it’s more than you think….

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