The Top Ten Heroes Characters I Want to See Dead


It’s probably not a good sign for Heroes that I want the vast majority of the cast dead, and wouldn’t feel a bit of sadness if any of them bit it tonight. It’s kind of like if I said that Friends sucks and they need to kill off Joey, Monica, Phoebe and Ross to make it good. But Heroes has far too much dead weight it’s been hauling around for too long now, and the plot holes caused by some of the characters are turning into bottomless plot chasms.

Here are 10 characters that I think the show could do with out, ranked on a scale from “they’re a minor annoyance” to “they should be shot into the sun.”

10) Nathan


Why he deserves it: Look Nathan, it’s time to sh*t or get off the pot. He needs to choose whether to be good or evil, and he better make up his mind quick. I’d rather see him dead than watch any more of his flirting between the light and dark side of the force. His ability sucks (flying is pretty useless without strength or invulnerability), but his real power lies in his public image, an angle they need to play up more, or get rid of him completely.

How it should happen: Have Sylar cut his head open, I’m sure he’d make much better use out of flight than Nathan does.

9) Meredith


Why she deserves it: This picture is pretty much the only reason I want her dead. Everytime she walks into a damn room she has to do the “flame on” trick. What, no “Hi Claire, it’s so nice to see you again”? Nope, just walk right in and open that palm to remind everyone what you do in case they ****ing forgot. They made her slightly more relevant by making her brother that blue-flame doofus, but she’s more or less useless. Maybe if she dies Claire will get her act together and start kicking some ass.

How it should happen: Claire dives to take a bullet for her, but it’s such a high calibur it rips through her and kills Meredith anyways. Irony!

8 ) Hiro


Why he deserves it: Calm down, calm down. I love Hiro too, everyone does. But I’m putting him here because if killing him means a stop to time-travel, I think it’s worth the sacrifice. 90% of all plot holes found in Heroes can be attributed to time travel. For example, Arthur is this season’s bad guy. Why doesn’t Hiro just zap to when he was lying sick in bed, freeze time, and skewer his face with a katana? Because that would have made for a really short season that’s why. Either kill Hiro or kill his power, but time travel absolutely must stop on this show.

How it should happen: He miscalculates a time jump and ends up getting stomped on by a brontosaurus. At least it’d be giving the show’s comic relief a humorous death.

7) Noah


Why he deserves it: The creepiest scene of the entire season as far as I’m concered is when Noah has Sylar and Elle making out in the crosshairs of his sniper rifle and then the episode ends. OK. Cut to next episode where the two lovebirds are naked on the floor wrapped in blankets. And then Noah starts shooting! Did he seriously just sit there watching the entire escapade through his sniper scope? Ewwww. But really, I don’t want him dead because he’s a perv, I want him dead because he’s a one trick pony that hasn’t done anything remotely interesting in a season and a half. His only job on the show seems to be to “protect Claire,” but considering she’s proven to be thoroughly immortal, that makes him pretty useless doesn’t it?

How it should happen: Another Sylar victim, Bennett’s been such a dick to him he more than has it coming. Unfortunately he’ll get no powers from his brain besides possibly poor eyesight.

6) Maya


Why she deserves it: How much damn time did we waste with this chick in season 2? Her entire subplot with Sylar and her brother was completely useless and she keeps popping up like a really hot, large chested bout of herpes that just won’t go away. As much as I appreciate her aesthetically, I really never want to see her again unless they somehow end up injecting her with a power that doesn’t suck, like tits that shoot lasers or something. And she’s much too hot for Mohinder anyways.

How it should happen: Mohinder gets her pregnant and about six months in a demon spider baby bursts out of her stomach. Wicked.

5) Angela


Why she deserves it: Can someone tell me what the hell Angela’s power is exactly? Something about the future. Something about dreams. Something about future dream traveling. I have no idea. Now with Arthur dead, she’s the only memeber of the old guard left, which sucks considering all of the other old heroes were way, way better than her. She’s allegedly behind the “good” movement this season, but I’ll be damned if she’s done one useful thing I can remember. Off with her head.

How it should happen: Freddy Krueger shows up and they dream battle to the death.

4) Claire


Why she deserves it: Yeah I get it, hot jailbait attracts viewers, but do you have to make her so damn annoying? I mean really, her character development as seen through her high school years was pretty good, but “grown up” Claire is now more of a whiny brat than she ever was. She’s the centerpiece for every plot every season for some reason, but “save the cheerleader, save the world” is a pretty empty statement since it’s been proven you could feed this girl through a woodchipper and have her not die.

How it should happen: Since she can’t actually die, have one of the teleporting guys transport her to the moon, where she can whine in peace for the rest of her lonely existence.

3) Peter


Why he deserves it: You can’t have a person this powerful on the show and not expect him to be the center point of a million different plot holes. Peter has Hiro’s time travel skills AND Claire’s immortality, which makes it all but impossible that he can ever die on the show. How can you root for a main character like that? The show took away his powers this season, but you know that’s only temporary. Soon he’ll get them back and we’ll find a black hole where the plot used to be.

How it should happen: There is literally no possible way to do it. Though immortal, he can’t be teleported into exile like Claire, because he can just teleport right back. The only thing I can think of is have him sit in a room with the Haitian, shoot him in the head, and then have the Haitain wait there forever so he doesn’t heal.

2) Mohinder


Why he deserves it: Mohinder has become the definition of a useless character. He used to be pretty integral, discovering genomes and reaching out to heroes in season one. He got mildly interesting again this season when he went all “The Fly” for a little while, but now he just saunters around the lab looking like some sort of leprosy patient. They need him for whenever they want to talk about “science stuff,” but I swear if I hear one more five-minute voice over narration…

How it should happen: Shortly after birth, Maya’s spider baby jumps on him and bites his jugluar out.

1) Tracy/Jessica/Niki


Why she deserves it: I cannot believe this person is still on the show. She’s the character so utterly uninteresting, they felt they had to make three copies of her. One of them had no powers, the other was some sort of rage black out-having Incredible Hulk rip-off, and now this latest iteration has super freezing powers. Where the **** did that come from? I was dancing in the streets when they killed her off last season, and when I saw they brought her back this season for no earthly reason at all I almost lost it. Just kill her, for good, it’ll only be three seasons too late.

How it should happen: Heart attack, posioned, drowned, burned, suffocated, a large fall, shot, stabbed, hung, Sylar’d, cancer, car accident, plane crash, I do not care, just get her off the damn show.

As you can see I’m a still a fan of Sylar, Parkman, Daphne, Ando and the Haitian. But yeah, that’s just about it. I still can’t believe they killed Kristen Bell. And the portal guy. That guy rocked.

  • Ray

    About Maya’s death, you haven’t been reading a certain series about a certain “Dark Tower” by a certain “Stephen King” have you?

  • Blazer

    maybe the portal guys comes back ??
    its a good plot hahaha the end of the world (the blackhole episode)
    btw i hate mohinder to but if he looks like the guy from lost in space i will see this show 24/7 do you know who i mean ??

  • Blazer

    Lost in space the movie

    Gary Oldman … Spider Smith

    mohinder is a rippoff from this guy could not find any clips on youtube look at a video store for lost in space its an average movie but has some moments.
    And the baby spiders is a have-too for mohinder if he wants to be bad ass

  • Jay

    I think the point of having a star is so that you hide the swear word. Unless you meant to put “shi*t” on purpose. Then you’re clever! 😛

  • vin

    man, this article is comedic legend, so funny yet so true. 10/10

  • Thiga

    Like with Matt, they should show Claire how she can use her powers in the reverse way…so she can inflict pain on people. Then, she could be useful…team her up with her dad and they would kick a$$. It would then be cool if she suffered periods of vulnerability after she inflicts pain on others. Right now, she’s useless, and pretty silly.

    As for Mohinder…they should turn him into a monster and have him do sick experiments.

    Maya should become a villain as well. Maybe a scorned villanese who uses her curse powers to kill off any who oppose her. Then she’s be this hot, scary chick instead of a eye candy useless girl.

    Nikki should be done and done. Worst Character ever. If you have a super hotty to sell the show, fine. Give her super strength or ice powers and make her a positive female character who wants to help people. Otherwize, she’s just some stereotypical skank.

  • I can’t agree with all your choices, but without a doubt Tracy/Jessica/Niki needs to die! Maya’s death was probably the best though, if only it really happened, Heroes would instantly become the best series on TV.

  • Dagsc

    Dude, they killed time travel. peters loss/restoration of power reset his abilities, making him less of a god-like super-jerk. also, hiro lost his powers, but will not disappear as comic relief because now ando has all the power of a Old-school nintendo power-up. watch out sylar, or ando will supercharge you. if it overloaded powers, would be fun. so now time travel is dead. thank god..

    also, Haitian supress abilities, right? so he suppressed arthur’s ability to be the main antagonist, thus killing him xD

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  • io

    c-mon… this is pure lack of ideas… the 2nd season was bit stupid… but this… and the three headed blondie… cmon…

  • hai


  • bronson

    dude, you are hilarious.

  • jonathan

    I don’t know if this was said before, but the portal guy didn’t actually die/get killed off. All he did was create a portal that portalled him somewhere. Of course, we don’t know where those portals led. If it is anywhere without oxygen and stable conditions, yes, he is dead. Other than that, I still doubt they’ll bring him back, he was a minor character.

  • Die MOhinder, Die

  • Alezunde

    Sylar is one of the worst villians that has ever been on television.

  • MooShu

    HOW is daphne not on your list? She is the most obnoxious, whiny wench ever.

  • 100% agree, incredible!
    kristen bell ruled and sylar, ando and parkman too!

  • xavier

    umm wait nikki had the super strength and jessica had some kind of mind insert/transfer power and used that in nikki. So um yea…

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  • Isis

    my dad hates Sylar lol, but he still likes him. He says he hates him because no body can kill him now, that Peter’s lost his mimicry power.

  • Silly Monkey

    You got your wish about that blond tramp finally biting it. Not a bad way to go, but when that little midget bastard turned on the sprinklers, she should have had the droplets turn into ice bullets and rip those people apart like cheese cloth. Still cool, except . .

    WTF was with that damn wink?

    And where is that nifty blond english samurai dude?

  • Doug

    Notice how you’ve included all the remaining female characters – misogynist much???

  • Laura

    Heroes is one of those shows I just can’t quit. I’ve watched since day 1 (back in the glory days that was season 1) and ever since then, I keep putting myself through the crappiness that it has become. The past 5 episodes have gotten better, but I completely agree that people have gots to go. Claire bugs the crap out of me, Mohinder was a little asshole, and Parkman is actually annoying now (I hate to say that because I loved Greg Grunberg on Alias).

  • magicpoopirate

    Daphne and parkman no onscreen chemistry FTW

  • 2MP

    Portal Guy and Bubbles – this dude should remain for ever in Heroes and the Wire

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  • Banana guy

    Its not misogyny doug, its caused by the bad writing on the show.

    Correlation isn’t causaility.

  • sebas

    i dont know if youve seen every episode but theres one where tracy talks to the old company scientist guy and finds out jessica/nikky was her sister and they were genetically engineered when the company was looking for the formula, after they perfected it they put it in nathan

  • PhiLLY

    “About Maya’s death, you haven’t been reading a certain series about a certain “Dark Tower” by a certain “Stephen King” have you?”

    EXACTLY what I thought of when I read that, LOVE The Dark Tower. I don’t really agree with this list as the show would basically suck without all these characters. Seems like the list was compiled awhile ago, wonder if the writer still feels the same way.

  • Er

    Wow, a lot of these deaths ended up happening, I guess the producers agreed with you!
    Personally, a lot of the people on the list who were around for a long time on the show have the same essential problem: very little character development, or downright unpleasant character development. The writers need to learn that making someone whiny and depressed doesn’t make them a more compelling character, just a more annoying one. I mean, they do it with just about EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER on the show…

  • Frohickey

    They should dump Sylar, pronto. He’s boringly ambiguous and his smugness is tiresome. Why can’t there be some new villains that have some interesting, avaricious schemes?

  • Mark

    The extremely anticlimactic end to season 1 told me that it was indented to be a 1-season deal (with Sylar dying at the end of it) but got extended due to its popularity. The beginning of season 2 was going nowhere fast and my sense for detecting crap TV saved me from watching crap TV yet again.

  • Madison

    @ Mark

    I wish I had the will power. I quit on 24, but something about Heores keeps bringing me back. Probably just hope that the show can return to Season 1 form.

  • emzii

    I defiently think Sylars character is getting old. I mean, I know there are other characters that have been on the show since season 1- but Sylar’s character has had nearly every possible story gone through, and I’m getting tired of hear him talk about his weird family and stuff. I loved him in season 1 and 2, but its just getting a bit predictable.

  • Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds also, Thanks.

  • batiste

    I think Hiro is the most irritating character of all… KAWAII I am weird geeky japanese always happy and enthusiastic! KILL KILL

  • Madison

    @ batiste

    Hiro has become incredibly irritating. His joy has worn thin; nobody can be that optimsitc with so much death and danger around him.

  • ryann

    if you’ve caught up with the rest of the seasons till the end of three, you’ll notice that these “suggestions” have made it’s way onto the show. haha.
    nathan is now dead, replaced with a mind-warped sylar(uses of memory absorbtion and shapeshifting, mind-whammied courtesy of parkman)
    meredith baked herself to death, irony right?
    hiro! irony all around, his powers got sucked then touch and go toddler had a chance, and now–drumroll please! he can’t use his power or it’ll kill him.
    noah did die in season two, he just didn’t stay dead. guys a cockroach, and as close to sociopathic as it gets without making him stoneage sylar
    thank god they killed maya! what was the point of her ‘i’m evil, i must rid myself of these powers to repent!’ no point. probably because producers needed more viewers and a tragic ‘heroine’ with big boobs was the way to go.
    angela hasn’t died yet, but has become more active. her power is dreming the future(sound familiar x-men fans?). near the middle of season three shows that very clearly. she’s a perfect metaphor though. all things come full circle, not to mention telling sylar that he’s her son, and now he is. irony.
    claire. ugh. there have been so many characters telling her to ‘suck it up’–however covertly, it’s hilarious. but the stereotype is proven true when they say ‘blondes are airheads’. can u get anymore naieve?
    the blackhole is temporarily under construction. peter has half his power back, but it’s a ripoff of the rogue. can you say power infringement? (notice it’s the same power as his dad’s?)
    mohinder’s epitaph will read “Definition of Useless” though good eyecandy, what praytell, is the reason for him to whine and have superstrength, while remaining the patsy he is? not to mention being a ‘smart’ person? i think the writers were thinking pothead 101 when they designed him.
    Nikki/tracy/jessica! for those who bother to watch the series and comprehend it, jessica was a split personality, just like gina. she was never actually a physical character on the show! nikki’s power was superstrength. tracy was bobby drake. these powers are starting to sound familiar, i wonder when stan lee is gonna sue the producers of Heroes, infringments and all. the last sister has yet to be named, but it’s clear she has some potential if you’ve seen the season 4 spoilers.
    ha! daphne dies.
    the little girl (miss i-can-find-anyone) has disappeared for good.
    haitian is a no-show. i haven’t seen him since season two.
    sylar got a bit stale after a while.
    parkman may have stepped it up a notch by somehow getting isaac’s power (what were the writer’s smoking when they thought that up?)or have added a level of sucking useless tot he max, because he only uses the power when it suits the writers.
    Ando, however is still hiro’s patsy. don’t get me wrong, the two together can never go wrong. but it makes u wonder, what do they do when they’re not trying to save the world together, does ando pick up more chicks and leave hiro to his comic books?
    can’t wait till season 4

  • pak

    well I’m only at season 2 ep 9, but I can tell that you are a heroes fanatic and this is just useless. About your list now…I am also annoyed by Meredith, Suresh and Angela. Suresh can’t die, why? Cause he’s telling the story. And about the other characters if they really want them off they could find a way idk…and my favorite characters are Hiro and Peter, even though Hiro has this glitch with time-travel which is bullshit, cause u can’t actually go into the future cause that would mean you are no more in past, which is a paradox. and I like Peter cause he is the only one that can stand against Sylar without any help from others…and I hate Sylar cause he is pretty much a psycho murderer. I don’t know how can you like one that only knows deceit and betrayal. Maybe you think that if you “tic” like him he would be a friend right??

  • Madison

    @ pak

    Things are only going to get worse as you continue watching. Heroes peaked with Season 1, unfortunately.

  • Maddie

    i totally agree with all of this stuff. Claire’s a big baby. all she does is whine until she gets her way. Ali Larter just keeps coming back. how many times are we gonna have to see her get killed before she’s off this show completely? Peter Petrelli… Way too powerful for this show. always has to save the world from Sylar. Maya… Come on! She’s annoying and a terrible actress! Angela Petrelli is annoying too. Just like both her sons. Nathan needs to die. It’s so stupid that now they have Sylar being Nathan. either keep him or kill him. Choose between good or evil while you’re at it! dang! Mohinder… He just gets old after a while. he just doesn’t know if he should be good or evil, who to trust and who not to trust. Mr. Bennet (Noah) he’s kinda perverted if he watches Sylar and Elle making out. that’s a little much. he needs to go as good as Claire does.
    The worst part about Heroes is… It just goes on. I swear, they’re just making it up as they go along. what was with the, “Sylar will be good.” thing anways? they sucked! i didn’t watch this show (trust me… i’m a huge fan of this show) until i knew Sylar was back to his normal, serial killer self. he’s my top favorite character and they killed some of him with the “good” phrase of his life. after a while… you just want to puke from this show? right? Claire crying in the first season, then whining about not being able to find people from level 5 in season 3. this show’s just getting dumb. i can’t believe that NBC picked them up for another season. how lame do you get?

  • Bryan H

    I was glad to see my favorite character, Ando, didn’t make the list. He’s been the bomb since day one.

  • jay

    I’ve been watching clips, and based on what I’ve seen, Sylar comes off as a bit too powerful, and it seems out of everyone on the show, he doesn’t have a weakness. Kind of like Jason from Friday the 13th. It’s like he keeps showing up with no injuries.

    If I had powers like Maya’s, I’d be depressed and whiny too.

  • chappy

    They need to turn Peter into someone like The Sentry. Almighty but vulnerable inside. Not like the pussy momma’s boy that he is right now.

  • TAS

    You are the one who deserve to die…

  • Kat

    Oh, my god, I know!! The portal guy was so freaking chill, why the heck did they have to kill him off?! I totally agree with all of the above, though… Heroes is just really boring now.

  • A_T

    I have an idea!! let’s kill off all of the characters that are central to the plot of the show and then dick around with all of the secondary characters who have no ability for plot advancement!! I’m really interested in the chick who can see sounds, you could film a whole season around how cool and pretty it is!! since when did synesthesia become a super power?

    maybe after that we can kill off the cast of Lost and move the focus of the show to the people who helped build the huts on the beach.

    all you people who are complaining about the characters who can decide whether to be good or evil: NEWS FLASH!! thats what makes them (and the show by proxy) interesting. if you want static personalities go watch care bares or some shit, dont watch the show and be all “BOO HOO! i have to think for once”

    Characters who really need to die:
    Parkman aka the self-righteous bastard who thinks he can control the only truly interesting character in the show

    Emma Coolige aka bitch who can see sounds but has no real power and serves only as a nice ass and a pair of boobs

    The Haitian aka the recycler of old characters. hey! why invent new personalities when you can reuse old ones?


  • Tim

    They should bring back Eccleston as the Invisible Man. They have a new character with that ability, but he’s a better character.

    Claire needs to go, or become a side character status that shows up every 3rd episode or so. Every season they give a cheesy, 1-2 episode love affair with her, flying boy or water boy or now the female stalker roomate. They find decent ways to use the character Sylar, which is good but the fact he still has all of the powers makes him too powerful. Shape-shifting, regeneration and the dozens of others they show him taking but never, ever using.

    They usually under-use, under develop or kill off the actual interesting characters, such as in my mind Michah’s cousin(Name?), Daphne, Adam Monroe, Doyle, The Haitian (Underused)

  • joe

    ali larter! she’s my favourite of thw show!!! number 1 and number 10 must be turn: killing nathan right now, please! who cares about him?? nobody!!! ^_^ but tracy….. i ♥ her!

  • Helena

    I LOVE SYLAR!! But I love Peter too. Besides that, I agree that most of the others should die already.
    Now the same stuff happens over and over again.

  • Loves To Spooge

    Heroes is crap full stop. It was good, not anymore. Sylar was the best one in it so what do they do? Neutralise him into being Nathan and then he loses his memory. BOOOORRRRING

  • Arcus

    Posible solution for killing Peter:
    Hero travels back in time (before he is killed) and saves Portal guy (before he is sucked in his own portal). Now Portal guy uses his power on both Peter and Hero. Hero instantly teleports at random, getting killed by bronthosaurus(as previously mentioned). Peter gets sucked in (becouse he’s to dumb to think of anything).

  • Zarcius

    @A_T: Technically, Emma Does have a power. In one of the episodes of that season, we saw her playing the cello(?) in an enclosed room, and she got to playing faster, and blah blah blah, the instrument shot a big crack in the wall outta nowhere. Not much of a power development yet, but if it comes around she might actually go somewhere in the show.

  • sara

    Hahaha. Paul Tassi, thank you so much for this hilarious article. Good thing no one else is in the office with me today because I LOLed.

  • uhhhh

    you know what dude? stop watching the show. I did, and you clearly should have a long time ago.

    I was hoping this article would be funny, but it only enforced my disdain for this shows writing when you call everyone “useless” (not that i disagree at all).

    heroes blows.

  • omgfail

    just to let everyone know.. if heroes lost sylar they would lose 90 percent of their viewers. SYLAR RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Elzeenor

      Yeah that’s why it was canned. Sylar sucked and ruined or all. Soulda died after season 1.

  • Michael

    Well Nathan (Number 10) and Meredith (Number 9) are already dead so you can strike them off the list. However, Sylar should be Number 1. I am so sick of seeing him. He is like a bad case of herpes. They are only keeping him around only because the actor played Spock in the recent remade/reboot Star Trek movie which sucked by the way. They have erased the original Star Trek Universe

  • David

    @Michael I would think Meredith isn’t dead. She’s just hiding. I wouldn’t think her fire would harm herself.

    This whole show is basically an evening soap opera. The writing is totally awful. Just count how many powers are used in each episode…it’s usually never more than 6.

    This whole carnival story sucks ass, just like the other season’s main plots. BTW, if Joseph didn’t want Samuel to be too powerful, then WHY make a carnival with a lot of specials in it?!?! DUH!!!!

    My death wish list of who’s left would be…

    10. Emma – She’s way too whiny.
    9. Lauren – How does she not have a power? Wasn’t it always “one of us, one of them” partnerships?!?!?
    8. Sandra Bennet
    7. Hiro – I agree, the time-traveling has to end. And I hate the subtitles…speak ENGLISH!
    6. Sylar – He’s too powerful.
    5. Noah
    4. Claire
    3. Tracy
    2. Angela
    1. Samuel

    I like the Haitian, Peter, Parkman, Mohinder, Maya (she doesn’t have that power anymore). So basically, start over with a new cast and NEW WRITERS!!!!

  • Amanda

    I just read it for the first time now. 2010.

    And I thought it is brilliant. And I agree with most of the killings. And apparently so do the writers, because nathan and meredith were killed, maya disappeared, ali larter (better to put this way, writing niki/jessica/tracy/and-we-still-have-barbara everytime is way too much waste of time) disappeared of a while and only shows up when they need her, and they were killing hiro’s power and then almost killed hiro himself (but of course they couldn’t kill him or his powers).
    This season they could really kill the deaf chick. Her power is so useless and her character is so annoying.


    first of all, why do you have that much time to write a useless article like this?
    and do you even understand the meanings of each individual character on the show? or for that matter in any time of story or literary work?
    seeing as your definition of “plot hole” is poorly stated, let me enlighten you, seeing as a plot hole is a gap or inconsistency in a storyline that goes against the flow of logic established by the story’s plot, having a character that can teleport or have multiple immunizing abilities, show’s no premise for a plot hole. rather if those characters where to show distinct differences from season to season, or present false information about the story’s past or future, that would be very good place for a pot hole to occure. let me also say that being that you don’t much like plot holes, you failed to mention the most obvious character to present one, Parkman. he has a wife, leaves her for cheating, adopts a kid that randomly disapears, falls in love with Daphnee because of some prediction that didn’t even come true, quickly forgeting her after meeting his baby son, then going back with his wife as if that which never was… the writers didn’t leave much room for morning let alone sympathy now did they?

    being that the case, apart from season 2’s little fuck up, there are really no plot holes in the story. much more on the contrary, there has been many allusions to previous events that occurred in the past seasons.
    next time you make a list of folly characters, make sure your definitions and use of certain words are clear to your understanding, and not just used in supporting your own dislike of said characters.

  • martiana

    I totally agree w/ ryan it became too much ratings ex machina for me, maybe after the writer’s strike they actors started writing each one their own script parts to save the producers some money…it’s a shame because the premise of a leap in evolution is so strong and interesting and could’ve had a lot of amazing developments.

  • Flavor

    Nobody mentioned the ” Matt Parkman ” baby plot hole. In season 1 he divorced cuz the baby wasn’t his, then baby gets on/off powers. Please employ writers without alzheimer

  • Superman

    I forgot about the cheating part. There is a plot hole with the girl, whom can locate specials, that Parkman adopted. Here’s a Yahoo answer about Parkman’s baby:

    “Season 2, Matt was like ‘my wife cheated on me an it would’ve worked but she was pregnant with another man’s baby. BUT later in season 2, when Nathan and Matt go to find Matt’s father, he puts them in there worst nightmare… you know with his mind thingy and anyway Matt gets locked in the ‘prison’ and then all of a sudden the baby is there with Janice. And he’s like ‘you said the baby wasn’t mine’ and shes like ‘you can read minds, matt. you read mine and found out the baby was yours, but you still left!’

    so she was lying to him by saying the baby wasn’t his. and he read her mind but still left them (well he claimed that he didn’t read her mind)

    soo, to sum it up. they did say that the Matt was the baby’s father 🙂

    Season 2 Episode 5 ‘Fight or Flight’ is the episode where its revealed Matt is the father.”

  • Hater

    No one ever dies for long on that show. there have been countless times when a character has died and then is brought back to life… It’s like there afraid to kill characters…

  • M

    So pretty much the entire cast then…..

  • Scott Monster

    Well, I’m half way through season 4 of Heroes.

    Nathan and Meredith are dead. Maya is out of the show. But the others are still around.

  • Whinningbabies

    WTF! The show’s just fine if you watch it on DVD. Plus, a lot of it connects by the end of Season 4. I watched all 4 seasons 4 years later though. You’re frustrated cuz the show’s too slow…. that’s the problem. Too much Days of our Lives… too few tricks! That’s my take.

  • I used to watch this show every week from the start. It was good for a while but it has gotten too slow. That’s the reason I quit watching it altogether. They kept killing off characters, bringing them back, flipping around too much in the plot, leaving glaring holes everywhere. It drove me insane. I would look forward to the next episode hoping for something to happen, only to be dumped on with another episode with Claire trying to figure out what she wants to do or story content that basically didn’t go anywhere.

    I agree with the majority of these. I like Hiro but at the same time he could’ve done so much more.

  • Safeer

    If sylar died in this series, 70% viewers will be lost!! i know he goes bad somtimes good,, but he rockss!!!!!!!! sylar rocks..

  • Rob

    Well, only one character really deserved to die, but you left him off the list. Sylar. Sorry this guy cannot act (was a horrible spock), and the character is lamer than dog crap.

    But hey, you got your wish (sort-of) Heroes will NOT be picked up by NBC for another season, so I guess they are all dead.

  • bittner19

    They need to get rid of Sylar.

    His entire story arc for the last couple of seasons has been “who am I, who’s my mommy, who’s my daddy?”. For the most powerful person on the planet, he’s a really whiny bitch.
    At least Claire has a reason to whine, she’s useless. Sylar could do almost anything, yet he chooses to whine about not knowing who he is. Waaaaaaaaa.

    I was happy when they added in some villians in season 3 who weren’t out for world domination. It seemed like almost every person either chose the route of hero, or egomanical villain bent on world domination. If I was given a super power, I’d use it for personal gain, but I wouldn’t try to conquer the world, that’s way too much work. Rob a bank, seduce a celebrity, heck fly to work to save gas money, but not world domination.

  • funny article man – and so true, they should all go!

  • lmao lmao

    the comment on Tracy/Jessica/Niki had me cracking up! but seriously if you want all these people gone then u dont like the show just don’t watch
    i agree only about mohinder angela and any of the others that are currently dead

  • i hate the person who made this article >:|

    Correction, Niki also has superstrength while Jessica is just an alter ego.

  • i hate the person who made this article >:|

    Sylar does not rock… he sucks. He should be the one dead

  • XOXO

    Ali Larter is a very good actress,but the writers of heroes gives to her horrible characters, I don’t think that the problem is Ali the problem is the characters. Sorry my english sucks…

  • rey

    ok, I have to say that it is very weird that you have said everything about most of the people on this list that said. you almost sound like me but there is one person I would have 2 disagree. Noah, yes you are right about him being useless and all but look at it this way he is the only person in this whole series that actually get shit done. its a shame cuz he has no powers either,

  • Beck

    As if you didn’t put Daphne, she was annoying as hell & obnoxious.

    I always loved Peter, especially in season one… He’s just so gorgeous!

    I would have replaced Peter with Parkman though & Hiro with Daphne.
    Parkman doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.
    So sad Heroes did finish, they should have been given the chance to wrap it up because now it will always finish on that…
    It makes me disappointed and aggravated that it wasn’t finished properly.

  • Joseph Bradley

    nope show cancelled the end ok nope new show but no peter or sylar