The Top 20 Naruto Characters of All Time

The beloved Japanese anime series, Naruto,has developed into something big. Masashi Kishimoto first brought to life the story of pre-teen Naruto Uzumaki in 1999. One of the world’s most popular stories allows us to follow Naruto, his peers, and his fellow protagonists as they fight evil. What started as a magazine serial developed into a television series and films. As Naruto became a teenager, we continued to see him and the special teams of Naruto’s world use superpowers together to fight evil. Masuashi Kishimoto has enjoyed developing the multitude of characters that interact in the Naruto series. The artist was inspired, in part, by the Chinese Zodiac when creating his characters and their interactions. He based the village of Konohagakur on his own hometown, Okayama prefecture. As his characters learn to come to terms with who they are, the protagonists act in the best interest of all and fight the evil forces to protect their loved ones. Along the way, we have gotten to know each character well. We see the characters develop as well as new characters introduced in the series between Part I and Part II.

Here are the top 20 Naruto characters of all time.

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