The Ten Hottest Girls in TV Comedies

My Women’s Studies professor once told me that “women aren’t allowed to be funny, because it’s unattractive.” I would have to disagree, which is why I wrote this list of the funniest, hottest women on TV, and I think when you read it, you’ll have to agree with me.

As a side note, going through every show that every channel has to offer, I also had a startling revelation that really, there aren’t that many good comedies on TV anymore, and half of them are jammed into Thursday night. I blame CBS which is currently beating the sitcom to death with a stick. They did land a good entry onto this list though.

Check out all the girls below:

10. Lea Michelle (Rachel Berry – “Glee”)

Alright, so it’s true, until this GQ shoot I probably wouldn’t have put Lea Michelle on this list, but she gave us a bunch of sexy photos that show us that the uptight Rachel actually does have a wild side.

9. Gillian Jacobs (Britta Perry – “Community”)

She’s an uptight feminist and can be downright annoying on Community, but if she’s cute enough for Joel McHale, she’s cute enough for me.

8. Sarah Hyland (Haley Dunphy – “Modern Family”)

OK stop, before you freak out thinking I’m some weirdo, though Haley Dunphy is supposed to be about 16 on Modern Family, in real life Sarah Hyland is 20, so her inclusion in this list is totally legit. Young Mila Kunis anyone?

7. Rashida Jones (Ann Perkins – “Parks and Recreation”)

I loved her back in her days on The Office, but it’s nice to see her find a home on Parks and Rec, which better be coming back soon or I swear… Liked her better with longer hair, maybe she can grow it out with how long the show’s been on hiatus.

6. Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray – “Glee”)

I don’t watch Glee anymore. I tried but 45 minutes was too long for a show like this, and I couldn’t deal with how cheery it was. But it does have some hot cast members, and Dianna Agron as sexy cheerleader Quinn tops them all.

5. Alison Brie (Annie Edison – “Community”)

Hmm is Annie hotter because she’s so conservative on Community? I think it definitely helps, and these glamor shots of her here and in the post header have her barely recognizable. But that’s her, and she’s smoking especially when she loses those sweaters.

4. Katrina Bowden (Cerie – “30 Rock”)

Sadly, Cerie isn’t on 30 Rock nearly as much as she should be, but when she is she steals scenes with her hotness. And I’m sorry if nerd-chic Tina Fey isn’t on this list, but honestly tell me she’s hotter than any of these ten girls. I love her, but I’m trying to be objective here.

3. Kaley Cuoco (Penny – “Big Bang Theory”)

I almost left Cuoco off this list here because for a show to be a comedy it has to be FUNNY, which Big Bang Theory is not. But damn, she can be really cute, and therefore has earned a spot on this list.

2. Sofia Vergara (Gloria Delgado-Pritchett – “Modern Family”)

Very few comedies can land former swimsuit models, but Sophia Vergara makes Modern Family worth watching each and every week. Yeah, her voice and chattering can get a bit grating, but usually her outfits more than make up for that.

1. Yyvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker – “Chuck”)

I don’t have to watch Chuck to know that Yyvonne Stahovski should most definitely be #1 on this list. She’s gorgeous, and has nerd cred to boot as she’s the face and voice of Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect to. You know, the girl genetically engineered to have a perfect ass.

Strahovski aside, is this show worth getting into? I’m looking for something new to try.

  • donpureevil

    what about cobie smulders (himym)?

  • Guy Incognito

    I really enjoyed the first two seasons of Chuck. I haven’t seen any of the newest season, but plan to. It seems like the producers know their target audience, since there’s a new smoking hot guest star every week plus Strahovski in her underwear a lot.

  • Alex

    No Robin and Lily from HIMYM? For shame

  • Cracky

    I started watching Chuck after the 2nd season, and have never looked back. I think last season (the 4th?) was its weakest, but this season seems to be off to a really good start.

    The fact that they can keep slightly varying the circumstances of Chuck’s life as a spy keeps the show fresh, and it can genuinely be touching and funny. And Strahovski’s hotness never fails to help.

    Anyway, definitely recommend it, especially if you think of yourself as at least a bit of a geek.

  • mcouthon

    +1 for Cobie Smulders (Robin from HIMYM).

  • Carmen

    Chuck is worth having a go. I loved the first two seasons, but three was definately a weak point. Four started out pretty badly, but is really starting to pick up now. The downside to Chuck is it follows the same pattern in almost every episode and especially in every story arc, which at times gets very stagnant.

    Even through that, Chuck is saved, for me though, by a few aspects. Adam Baldwin. The sheer nerdy nature of many of the main characters, Captain Awesome and the nearly weekly onslaught of famous gust stars, particularly this season’s Linda Hamilton.

  • Carmen

    Side note: I’ve always thought Sarah Lancaster, who plays Chuck’s sister Ellie, is way hotter than Yyvonne Stahovski.

    But here’s a little something to (more-so) spark your interest in Chuck:

  • Rob J

    I have watched all of the chuck so far and it has become my absolute favourite show. The writers really know what there doing and as someone else mentioned they know there target audience. The writing is excellent and often very funny and the show blends the action and story together exceptionally well. The characters really grow on you and I started to care what actually happens week to week with these people and got hooked on it. Definitely give it a shot and lets us know your opinions on it because it really is underrated and needs a few more fans 🙂

  • bigpartymaker

    Alison Brie FTW

  • Sam

    Paul, have you actually ever watched the big bang theory, or did you watch five minutes of it and deem it awful like your cohort nattyb?

  • I’ve seen a few episodes. It just tries so hard to appeal to “geek culture” but a few nerdy references alone aren’t automatically funny.

  • Sara C.

    While I agree that all of these women are hot, I have to disagree that all of them are actually funny. Some, yes, but just because they act on a comedy series doesn’t mean *they* are funny. So I think your prof might still have a point.

    I maintain one of the reasons Amy Sedaris was so funny on Strangers With Candy is because she was totally unafraid to be hideously unattractive.

  • Have to go with Sara on this one Paul. Good list but only 2 or three I would consider funny. Those Community chicks and maybe Virgara (when she’s loud and Latin)

  • Yeah, I mean that’s why I titled it the way I did, but I guess I kind of threw that away in the description.

    If I were to write a separate list of “legitimately funny” females, it wouldn’t include many of these girls, but would have Fey, Poehler, Sedaris, etc.

  • Daphar

    “I almost left Cuoco off this list here because for a show to be a comedy it has to be FUNNY, which Big Bang Theory is not”

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!! Seriously !
    I dont know how this show is considered in US (I heard you guys dont like HIMYM ?) but in France, Big Bang is a hell of a beloved show. And considered as funny ! Outside the nerdy references !

  • Ben

    Paul, you just have to watch the first two seasons of Chuck, in order, and then leave the show alone, because seasons 3 and 4 are both an enormous dip in quality. But the first two seasons, the second especially, are very, very funny without the references.

  • Ben

    Oh, and you shouldn’t have ranked them, because I (and I think everyone else) agree with the actual people on the list, however, I don’t like the placement. Brie is without a shadow of a doubt my number two. In fact, Strahovski and Brie are my #1 and #2 hottest out of any actresses, TV or not.

  • BrockSamson

    Is it sad that I’m so disconnected from network TV that I didn’t even know what “HIMYM” stood for? I had to Google it. Seriously.

  • Sam

    Don’t worry, how I met your mother is my sisters favorite show and when i called it himym to her she had no idea what I meant

  • Rob J

    So that 5 people recommending that you at least watch the first few episodes of Chuck and see what you think so far? Gonna go for it?

  • Filosoraptor

    Was it you Paul or was it Nattyb the one who said that Kaley Cuoco “isn’t that hot”?

    Discrepancies aside I agree almost 100% with your list, although I would’ve put Allison Brie instead of Sofia Vergara. I totally agree with your #1. Good list.

  • DannyCarte

    I am sorry?! you think Big Bang is not funny?! dude, you have to watch carefully.

  • OTWarrior

    Big bang theory is one of the funniest shows on TV, what are you on about?

    And how did Alyson Hannigan not make this list? She is funny and hot on How I Met Your Mother!

  • cornelius

    I watched a couple seasons of Chuck and one full episode of Glee and I had no idea that either of them were supposed to be comedies. I saw several episodes of Chuck and I was occasionally entertained but I don’t remember ever laughing. Also I’m pretty sure Glee falls under the musical category. Granted when I hear those awful renditions they do it is sort of funny but I think that’s not intentional.

  • What_the…

    The Big Bang Theory is hilarious. I don’t even get all the references and I still find it funny for its characters and plot lines. But, hey, each to their own I guess.
    Otherwise good list. I think I need to check out the Community now lol

  • Mike

    That other mom on Modern Family is smoking too. And she was in Happy Gilmour. Hard to argue with any of these entries though, but that’s probably a good thing! We need a top 20. 😉

  • will

    big ang theory not funny? LOL what a dumbass

  • I haven’t even heard of most of these comedies. I would definitely second the suggestion of “Alyson Hannigan” because even if “How I Met Your Mother” isn’t any good (haven’t seen it myself), she’s absolutely hilarious in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

    Also, could I suggest Katherine Parkinson from “The IT Crowd”?

    (I hope html coding works)

  • aj suarez

    Big Bang theory is pretty funny, and i kinda do like looking up the science on wikipedia later. Kaley Cuoco (or her writers) fleshed out her role pretty well.

    Also am for for How I Met Your Mother representation on this list, i’d replace Dianna Agron with Cobie Smulders, but Alisson is funnier

  • bozo

    you forgot and Applegate Cristyna..S

  • James Smith

    Big bang theory> I had to regress to a higher level of theory on the way they live and portray themselves. good good

  • I totally agree with your No. 1 pick, Yyvonne Stahovski! Maybe you’ll check out Jenny Wade from The Good Guys. I’m sure she’ll be a shared No. 1, or, no less then 1 and a half. Nice list!

  • I totally agree with your No. 1 pick, Yyvonne Stahovski! Maybe you’ll check out Jenny Wade from The Good Guys. I’m sure she’ll be a shared No. 1, or, no less then 1 and a half. Very Nice list!

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  • karen

    Cobie Smulders of HIMYM should be here!