The Ones We Left Behind


The Walking Dead just posted this on their Facebook page the other day, and it goes to show just how far things have come since season one. Behold, the original group of survivors, post-Merle-chained-to-the-roof era. I know the cast has been culled down over the years, but you often forget by just how much. This is actually really quite…sad.

It’s hard to remember a time on the show without current staples like Michonne or Maggie, and I’m sure newbies like Tyreese and Sasha will start to feel like family soon. It’s been so long I don’t even remember the name of the white guy on the left, or the black woman on the right. And somehow Carol wasn’t around for this shot, but she’d be a color addition as well if she was there.

And T-Dogg. The immortal T-Dogg. Legends never die.


  1. Daniel Rodriguez March 7, 2014
  2. Nick March 7, 2014

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