The Most Retro Cosplay You’ll Be Able to Find

Doing absolutely no research, I’m pretty sure that Betty Boop is the oldest cartoon that’s ever existed, tied with Micky Mouse and Snow White. That makes her one of the oldest imaginary figures you could cosplay, unless you start getting into literature and the cool cats in 1910 walking around dressed like Sherlock Holmes or Jane Eyre. That doesn’t count.

But yes, the character is old, but the picture is modern, and this young lady does  fine job of emulating Boop’s figure, face and incredibly bizarre hair. Girls from this era were strange looking. Guys were awesome because they wore fedoras.

[via Fozzy’s World]

  • Even though the character never went anywhere, one of the first cartoons ever made was Gertie the Dinosaur in 1914, predating Betty Boop by 16 years. Still, Betty is definitely the first sexy cartoon character that I can think of. I prefer this cosplayer, though – her head isn’t abnormally large.

  • Hyatus

    Is this real or is this CGI?

    I looks like that series of Simpsons characters and Jessica Rabbit that guy did where he tried to make realistic versions of the characters.

  • Brianna

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t a real person. I think I saw this on a website that did a list of “If cartoon characters were real…”