The Most Hilarious Brush With Cancer Ever! Wait…

Is it just me, or is this the first pro-breast exam video ever made that actually seems to be making fun of breast cancer? A bunch of hot actresses get together to have a breast exam party, which involves massaging their own and occasionally, each other’s boobs (hence why I’m posting this at all). One of them finds a lump and everyone freaks out, but then it turns out to be a jewel in her expensive Victoria’s Secret bra. Hah! She could have been dying but really she’s just a spoiled bitch! Hilarious! And the entire sketch is inexplicably bookended by the paparazzi. Not really sure what’s going on there.

So as much as watching Minka Kelly play with her boobs is on the top of my list for “things worth two minutes of my time,” I can’t help but think this is the worst anti-cancer viral video ever. Although I guess if it makes even one girl touch her boobs, it was all worthwhile.

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  1. Lagrange September 30, 2009

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