The Most Badass 80’s Action Show Introductions


Whatever happened to awesome television show introductions?  Think about television today.   Think really hard.  Can you honestly pick off five TV Show introductions that you’d consider awesome?  I’m talking camera work combined with an awesome song.  I feel like shows don’t even have introductions anymore.

Most times it’s clips followed by a brief intro with cast and credit followed by the show again.  Think Lost, 24, House, The Office, and 30 Rock just to name a few.  Their intros pretty much blow.

I need something with a little more kick.  And arguably, nothing compared to the 80s action show intro.

Here are 8 that are fantastic

The Renegades Intro


Wait until you get to Robert Thaler pulling his hair back.  It’s tough.

Miami Vice Intro


Probably the best intro song of all time.

Magnum PI Intro


The women.  Oh yes.  The women.

Dukes of Hazzard Intro


Daisy Dukes!  Man these guys were a fun time huh?

MacGyver Intro


He’s so smart.

Knight Rider Intro


A very close second to the Miami Vice theme.  It sucks though, every time I hear this theme I now think of the movie Half Baked.

The A-Team Intro


Now it’s gonna be burned into your head.

Remington Steele Intro


A very underrated show.

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