The Last Airbaby Will Save Us All

Before it was turned into a shitty M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Last Airbender was a shockingly good American anime show on Nickelodeon with an actual fanbase, myself included. Also in that camp must have been the parents of this young lad, who I can only assume is named Aang:

Someday he will grow up and save the world! High expectations for the little dude, but you can’t argue with that arrow.

Orrrr this is just a couple who thinks they’re being funny by carving shapes into their baby’s head, but I’m going with the Avatar theory as that’s far more fun.

  • Tim

    OK, we get it, you like “cosplay” and “cosplay images.” Incredible.

  • RobG

    Don’t you mean his name is HUNG??? 😛
    PS. Ok, we get it, you like “complaining” and “complaining about nerdy images on a nerdy website.” Incredible.

  • Anubiswrath

    LOL despite the fact i am now goin to have to fight the urge to do this to my own child i feel that there should be an emotional support fund put together for the kids of cospay phenatics because there is defintatly gonna be some lingering emotional trauma after teenage “airbender” here sees what his parents did to get a laugh out of their friends… i mean as if the parents that dress their kids up in hundreds of funny outfits isnt bad enough it brings me to think think that if nothing else there should be certain sanctity of hair lol