The Iron Throne

We’re having a sale on artistic puns today, two for the price of one. I’ve heard the “long lost Stark brother, Tony” joke a few times by now, but having him sit on the IRON throne? That’s just too perfect. Are we sure George RR Martin wasn’t a huge Iron Man fan?

In any case, I’m imagining Tony Stark in an aerial dogfight with Daenyrs Targaryen’s three (grown) dragons. It sounds like a bad Korean sci-fi movie, but I’d totally pay to see it.

Artist is James Zapata and you can see more of his work here.

  • Sam

    Only problem is Tony totally paid the gold price for that armor, I doubt great heat great great great grandfather Balon Greyjoys would be pleased with that.

  • Austin

    Before reading the article and title I thought it was supposed to be fanart of the alternate reality where Tony Stark became Doctor Doom.