The Insane Detail of the Game of Thrones Costumes You Probably Never Noticed

GoT Dresses 8

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Yes, it’s true you’ve probably noticed that the costumes in Game of Thrones are quite well-made, and help make the universe feel authentic, but chances are you’ve never seen them like this before.

Costume embroiderer Michele Carragher (via Buzzfeed) works on the show and spends her time making sure the garments are gloriously detailed, even if the camera can’t quite pick up the bulk of her work. This gallery shows off what the show can’t, her little touches that without a doubt make the cast of Game of Thrones the best dressed on TV.

You have the check out her other designs found on Arya, Catelyn, Dany and more below.
GoT Dresses 10

GoT Dresses 8

GoT Dresses 2

GoT Dresses 7

GoT Dresses 11

GoT Dresses 4

GoT Dresses 12

GoT Dresses 9


GoT Dresses 17

GoT Dresses 15

GoT Dresses 13

GoT Dresses 1

GoT Dresses 3

GoT Dresses 6

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