I’d Love to Get Arrested by these TV Cops

On occasion we here at Unreality dabble in the sexy girls genre.   I mean can we help it?  Of course not.  We’re dudes.   And when I found myself watching the tube the other night I couldn’t help but to notice all the fine looking TV cops out there.

It just so happens with a little research and some crafty Youtube rummaging that we’ve managed to put together a nice little list of attractive female TV cops for you after the jump…..

Dani Reese From Life – Sara Shahi


I fell in love with Sara Shahi when I first saw her in Old School.   The fact that she plays a cop on television is really going to be the end of me.  Wow.

Jessica Angell from CSI: NY – Emmannuelle Vaughier


Remember Vaughier in oneof the Saw movies?   That’s when I first took a liking to her.   Now I just always take a liking to anything she’s in.

Julianna Calllaghan from Flashpoint – Amy Jo Johnson


I kind of wish her character’s name on the show were Amy Jo Johnson.  It’s got a nice southern thing going on there.   Then again, who the hell cares?

Jennifer Jareau from Criminal Minds – A.J. Cook


Jareau’s got one of the “I want to marry her” faces.   Plus her character is pretty tough and witty.   I’m a big fan of that.

Stacy Sheridan from T.J. Hooker – Heather Locklear


Look how 80s this video is!  So hot though.

Syndey Bristow in Alias – Jennifer Garner


Yes there was a time when Garner was incredibly sexy.  Now she’s just a mommy.  Still great looking though.

Any of the Charlie’s Angels –  Jill Munroe, Sabrina Duncan, Kelly Garrett


Played by Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith, these are the original hottie cops and are not to be trifled with.

*And no I’m not mentioning Agent Scully.   I refuse to say she’s hot.