The Game of Thrones Intro, Walking Dead Style

In my estimation, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead have two of the best intros on TV these days. That might not be saying much given the fact that most TV show intros these days are barely more than a title card, but still, I get excited when I hear each of them every week.

Their airing schedules don’t overlap (and if they did, the world might explode), but now their intros do. Here’s a rather good mash-up that has Game of Thrones adopting The Walking Dead’s intro. It’s footage made from scratch a lot of the time, not just salvaged from the show, and I think it’s pretty well done. Sadly this isn’t the original video and I’m promoting a copy, but the other one had audio quality like a potato, so here we are. Give the original some love though.

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  1. MegaSolipsist May 19, 2014

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