The Five Types of Bending


Alright, I’m hoping we have some readers here that are fans of both Avatar: The Last Airbender AND Futurama, as knowledge of both is really required to get this joke. See, in the show, they bend elements, and in Futurama the robot’s name is…nevermind, either you’ll either get it or you won’t.

Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that if you haven’t seen it already, you MUST watch The Last Airbender, as it’s simply the greatest animated show I’ve ever seen. Yes, I realize it’s a Nickelodeon original, but trust me, it’s that damn good, and even has me excited for the Shyamalan movie.

I just finished it a few weeks ago, and I’m probably going to write a whole column about its greatness, but before I do that, watch the show for yourself so you can agree with me when the time comes.

Contrastingly, I could never really get into Futurama

  • Correct, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the best cartoons ever. Don’t forget to check out M. Night’s live action movie adaptation of it either, July 2 in the U.S. Looks pretty good for making a cartoon come to life!

  • Dave

    I am terrified that Shyamalan is going to destroy this movie like his last several horrible films.

    GREAT cartoon though, I wish they’d make more episodes!

  • Colin

    Can’t wait for the movie and love the show. Anyone who doesn’t think it’s a kick-ass show for a cartoon then they don’t know what kick-ass is.

  • Ellie

    Have you seen the picture of Bender being bent with Toph right next to him while he whimpers to her, “I’ll be good”?
    That picture is awesome like the show.

  • Josh

    Er… Toph can bend metal, just saying.

    But yeah, the greatest American cartoon and the greatest comedic cartoon combined is great.

  • b-rock

    haha this post was awesome. Interestingly enough I just finished a lame ceramics project which I had to make a slab work.. anyway I made 4 coasters each representing a different element and then put the avatar symbols for each in the middle. I hope they make it through ok cuz theyre some pretty sweet looking coasters!

  • Redeye

    M Night would cast bender as toph cause hes not asian. i think your on to something

  • Levi

    I’ve always loved both. Have you seen the first 3 or 4 Futurama episodes? those were some of my favorites.


    Earth benders are the best

  • No_heart

    I am a fan of the last airbending, but if we are talking American cartoons I would put samurai Jack above it any day. And if we include anime then it goes down on my list a fair bit. I’ve always wanted another series taking place in the avatar world, but not aimed at kids, I’ve always thought it would be great if the could use there bending properly, but I guess that isn’t going to happen so I will just have to watch last airbending and pretend fire is a shitload less harmfull then it should be………..also I hate katara, just had to add that.

  • antipervert

    The Chinese characters on the image are wrong. FAIL.
    The water, fire and air are all wrong. And about the metal…the character drawn for the metal means GOLD. DOUBLE FAIL.

    P.S.: I like your posts, yet this one was not as good.

  • David

    Awesome post! This series is one of my all-time favs, and my go-to example for how not all animation (Western or otherwise) is just for the 12 and under age group.

    Having said that, I think the movie will disappoint. The whitewashed casting has many people up in arms, and the tone is incredibly dark. Sure Aang has to save the world, but remember how the animated Aang actually acted like a kid? In the trailers I haven’t seen the barest inkling of a smile on his actor’s face.

    Basically I’m worried that the movie will indulge the plot but ignore the heart of the show, so I haven’t made up my mind if I’ll see it in theaters. Thoughts?

  • Alice

    I’m a little late…a lot late…to replying. Found it while searching some stuff today: actually there are like 4 main types of bending then 4 subdivisions of those.


  • brandon

    what about sand bending and blood bending well blood can count as water

  • Seiryoku

    So, I’m posting from the future. The Last Airbender? Sucks the nuts of 1000 dead squirrels. Tru fax.