The Five “Fakest” Reality Shows on TV Today

When reality TV first hit the stage people were completely shocked and excited at the novelty.   It was shows like Survivor and The Real World that dove into the “real” lives and feelings of people when they were being taped.   Allegedly there were no scripts or stages.  It was a real setting and that genuine feeling is what captivated audiences.

Now, reality TV is pretty much “not real.”  There are sets, scripts, directors, writers, you name it.  The genre has become huge but it’s become something that’s 100% opposite of what it set out to be: real.

Here are five reality shows that are anything but….

Keeping up with the Kardashians (or anything Kardashian)

It’s gotten to the point where cursing at your mom is a 100% acceptable thing to do.  I was not aware that calling your mom a b*tch was a common occurrence in American society.  I didn’t know that 15 year old girls were allowed to be posing in sexy bathing suits and have that be supported by the family.  I didn’t know that sex lives and all that other garbage should be examined by the entire public.  Granted this is reality TV but I suspect that some of this just might be fabricated and dramatized.  Call me crazy.

The Jersey Shore

I think it’s safe to say that the novelty of this show has worn off.   I must say I give the show credit for making it through 3 very successful seasons but clearly the Italy season is a complete debacle and sham.   When Ronnie and Sam go back and forth every episode it’s tired.  When the Situation lies about something, it’s tired.  When Snooki falls over drunk, it’s tired.  When Deena kisses a girl, it’s gross.   I think it’s time to just celebrate the success and put it to an end MTV.   I do like Paulie though.  Vinnie is just wasted air.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Anything Bachelor

Um,shouldn’t any of these shows really be called “The Whorehouse?”  I mean come on.  15 chicks fighting over one guy and not caring if he’s sleeping with the other 14?  Or however many chicks.  Has one relationship ever panned out from this show, ever?  And if it has I suspect it’s 100% bullsh*t.   I can’t believe this stuff is on TV.   The fights are all crap.  The relationships are total garbage.  There’s nothing sincere about this show.

Real Housewives

There’s nothing “real” about any of these women.  From the plastic surgery to the ridiculous lunch arguments they seem to have on every episode, it’s just silly at this point.   How much fake drama can a person take?  And  man oh man, how could the husbands sign on for this?  Oh that’s right.  They’re rich and all cheat on their wives anyway.   What a joke.

Mob Wives

I’ll be 100% honest here.  I’ve never even seen this show but Mob Wives?  Come on.

*On and let’s not forget The Hills when it was on.  This was the most staged reality show of all time.  I don’t even think it’s close.


  • Gil

    I agree with you NattyB. I remember the early years with Real World (which I still thought was staged), and Big Brother and Survivor. Nowadays everyone is coming out with their own reality show and it’s all a big joke. I wanted to send a letter to TLC (The Learning Channel) to ask them to kindly change their name to TRC (The Reality Channel) because most of their shows now are “reality” and you don’t learn anything by watching them anymore. It would be like going to Chick-fil-A to find out they only serve Taco Bell grade “beef”. At this point the most “real” reality shows are the contests and even then it sometimes appears rigged.

  • Nice list. Hate those shows and really get annoyed when people mention they watch/like those shows, EVEN from the entertainment stand point they still stink. Thanks MTV for ruining “reality” tv, sure it would have been ruined eventually but these shows and more are clearly more script then reality.

  • J5

    Fuuuuuuck I hate The Real Housewive of (who gives a shit?). My fiance loves those shows for some ungodly reason and I can say, without a doubt, that they’ve moved from putting people in a situation that can cause drama, to just fabricating it altogether.

    Also, that chick in the Housewives picture on the far right looks like Jim Carrey as The Riddler when he’s finally defeated by Batman.

  • S.J.M

    Here in the UK, we have “The Only Way is Essex” and my god, i hope it really is fake because these people/actors are terrible at everything. Whether its giving gifts to their loved ones (involving, and i kid you not, delivering it on a remote controlled boat when rowing on a lake) or even just having a conversation where they seem to struggle to remember their lines/think of a word to use.

    But whether its The Hills or The only way is essex, someone somewhere has a lot to answer for in bringing this kind of reality show to our TV screens.

  • Covalent

    Reality TV is bad, all of them. I’m wondering how a man can actually like it (no offense to you) considering the A+ series out there, like Walking Dead, Games of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, etc. The list goes on

  • Steve

    Reality television is a beast that cannot be fed.

  • Penny Marie Sautereau

    Just curious, as a lesbian, exactly why is Deena kissing girls gross?

  • GC

    I think Gene Simmons’ deserves a spot, his reality show is wayyy more staged than some of the ones on the list.

  • Diego

    One of my good friends was one the original Real world New Orleans (it was quite awhile ago) and he said the worst part of it was the fact that there are no magazines, books, tv, or too much computer use. There’s just a shit ton of free alcohol and mixers. And a constant film crew. I honestly thing most reality tv show people are drunk most of the time.

  • Sean

    Yeah, JS is lame this year.
    I wish the show was just Paulie and Vinnie. With some JWow here and there.

  • chad

    I cant imagine not having a job, or like jersey shore, working at a t-shirt store would be enough to pay rent, utilities and party every night. The shows on reality tv are so fake, ice road truckers is set up (real men, real jobs, really set up for drama!, storage wars is fake (props added in scenes) etc…just look up fake reality tv..No wonder Dallas made such a huge comeback, were sick of being lied too and just want to be dramatically entertained with a steady conscience.

  • peter

    This is a really terribly written “article.” It is just the author’s viewpoints on reality TV in general and fails to outline specific reasons why the shows listed are fake. This blog is fake.

  • George

    I would think that Scientific American would be all over Ghost Hunters because they find ghosts ALL the time, why haven’t they won a Nobel Prize?, ( Boy, the Nobel Commitee is fickel ),now when they can interview a real ghost instead of the crappy drama they cram down our T.V. viewing throats we could all visit relatives and pets we miss so much, what a bunch of assh@(3z, HA!!

  • Pfff, you haven’t even seen some of these, you don’t give examples of their fakeness…
    Eternal fail

  • Sassy3000

    What cracks me up are the Morons who don’t realize that All Reality Shows are staged to an extent. You should see the Morons who rave about “How Real” the British version of Kitchen Nightmares is. They should see a documentary where a British chef and a British Food Writer were practically laughing themselves silly. Well for Brits. lol Like how Gordon allegedly ate “Bad Prawns” and then ran outside and vomited. The Chef (with a smirk) commented how Most Chef’s could tell if a prawn was off by sight and smell. The Food Critic agreed. Then the Chef suggested that perhaps he (Gordon) exaggerated for the sake of the camera.
    And I was shocked to discover that (allegedly) some of the people being spied upon in ‘Mystery Diners’ were in fact NOT ACTUAL EMPLOYEES BUT ACTORS! I’m NOT talking about the Mystery Diners undercover people! I’m talking people who are SUPPOSEDLY Employees of the Restaurant! And how some scenes where the culprits are “Caught in the act” are shot several times!
    And now it seems weird how some of these so-called Food contests follow a set pattern. Bobby Flay suddenly wins most of the competitions?! Even with Dishes he’s never made(at least that’s what he says) but the competitor has made hundreds of times?! oh yeah! That’s Really Believable! NOT!
    On the U.S Version of ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ someone allegedly said they were answered an ad from Craig’s list and that they were TOLD to nitpick about how awful the food was. Even if it wasn’t that terrible. THEN they were to come back a few days later and Rave about the Improvement. Even though the Actor said the food was only moderately better.
    The Woman running a Bar featured on ‘Bar Rescue’ (The one in the latest season where the Step-Father bought her the bar) wrote that they were TOLD what to say and how to act! And how the Chef was NOTHING like he was forced to act for the camera.

  • Sassy3000

    Oh Sorry! I forgot to mention a show that I like! But sorry, it’s hard to believe that the owners of these diners being made over, are “Unaware” of what’s going on since there is a camera inside of their car recording their reaction AS THEY’RE DRIVING UP! Really?! Come on!
    Oh and as for the Rest of the Reality Restaurant Make-Over shows, I do find it strange that they use British Chefs INSTEAD of American ones! Hello?! The Brits do not like as much salt or sugar as we Americans do! So of course they’re going to find OUR dishes “Too salty” or “Too sweet” so in those for instances, they’re opinion is worthless. I mean, they’re entitled to their opinion BUT only Fools would change their recipe radically before getting some more feedback from AMERICAN Chefs! Just saying!