The First Official Firefly Action Figures Are Just a Wee Bit Disappointing


Firefly, despite its massive fanbase, has never had an official line of action figures.

Until now.

This new line from Entertainment Earth is the first licensed line, and even though I understand they’re going for a purposeful retro look here, something really got lost in translation. Despite the watermark and footnote, these are official images from their site, not stolen prototypes that will never see the light of day.

The figures from the neck down are perfectly alright given the style, and they certainly have appropriate accessories. But…those faces. It’s like they were assembled from a rough police sketch of the character in question. “What does Mal look like?” “He has brown hair.” “Anything else?” “Nope.”

Check out the rest of the crew below:





[via io9]

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    That’s about as good as Firefly fans deserve.

    LOL! No, I kid, I kid. Methinks that it’s just these are part of Entertainment Earth’s ‘retro’ line, back in the days when practically all figures had fairly similar bodies, and the only saving graces were some color schemes and facial features. They’re doing a whole bunch a properties like this, including BACK TO THE FUTURE, ALIEN, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, etc. You young Turks may not be able to appreciate their “charm,” but we old dogs just love ’em.

  • John Pavlich

    Speak for yourself, Zimmerman. I used to have Ghostbusters figures from Kenner (which is who they’re trying to emulate, obviously) and I don’t recall them being this….lame, bland or sloppy. Action figures have come a long way, and for the sake of nostagia, a company is going back to an inferior design model? There’s a reason they don’t make them like this anymore, people! LOOK AT THIS GARBAGE! And the fact that they’re doing an Escape From New York line just reminds me of the AMAZING Snake Plissken figure that was made by Todd McFarlane’s Movie Maniacs line. THOSE are the kind of Firefly (and Buffy) figures we should be getting by now, not THIS!

  • mark miller

    Did Jayne make them?

  • Austin

    Yeah there’s nothing wrong with these. It’s obviously emulating the style of old Star Wars and Star Trek action figures