The Faces Behind Some of TV’s Best Cartoon Characters

Cartoon Voices

There’s a big part of me that didn’t even want to share these pictures.  And I’ll give you two reasons why.  The first one is a question.  Ever see an athlete on TV and you’ve never heard them speak before and then when you do you’re like “I never thought he’d have that voice?”  You’re shocked and in fact disappointed when you see them again (this is the reverse reason).

The second is when you hear a song and have never seen what the band or singer looks like.  Inevitably they’re weird looking and from that point on you have to picture their ugly mugs when you hear their music.  (P.S. the same applies to phone sex).

Well the same goes for cartoons.  Some of the results are less than par.  Although some are OK.

Here are the faces behind some of TV’s best cartoon characters

Pamela Segal Adlon as Bobby Hill

Cartoon Voices

Seth Macfarlane as Peter, Brian and Stewie Griffin

Cartoon Voices

Tom Kenny as Spongebob Squarepants

Cartoon Voices

James Avery as Shredder

Cartoon Voices

Alexander Gould as Nemo

Cartoon Voices

Rachael MacFarlane as Meg (pilot) and Hayley Smith (American Dad)

Cartoon Voices

Mila Kunis as Meg Griffin (2000-Present)

Cartoon Voices

Lacey Chabert as Meg Griffin (1999-2000)

Cartoon Voices

Adam West as Adam West

Cartoon Voices

Lorenzo Music as Garfield

Cartoon Voices

Dan Castellaneta as Homer

Cartoon Voices

Elizabeth Daily as Tommy Pickles

Cartoon Voices

Trey Parker as…you know

Cartoon Voices

Matt Stone as…you know

Cartoon Voices

Kathleen Herles as Dora

Cartoon Voices

Jonathan Katz as Dr. Katz

Cartoon Voices

  • homer is irritating me^^

    can you do this for germans as well?

  • IcemanD

    The best parts of Family Guy are always when Stewie and Brian are talking to each other. I always found it hilarious knowing it’s just Seth MacFarlane in a room talking to himself.

    Also, Bitch Stewie in this weeks episode was pure gold.

  • Madison

    @ IcemanD

    Yeah, Family Guy is always funnier for me when I envision Seth McFarlane in a sound booth doing his voices.

  • Cheryl

    Seth Mcfarlane’s everyday voice is Brian yes? I have some of the seasons on DVD and when you see him doing the live readings and such he doesn’t seem to have to contort his face and stuff when he’s voicing Brian

    I also love that Jennifer Tilly is the voice of Joe’s wife Bonnie.

  • sean

    where is kevin conroy?

  • IcemanD

    @ Cheryl: Yeah, Seth MacFarlane’s real voice is VERY close to what he does for Brian.

  • Zero

    yeah, family guy’s pretty awesome, but i am tired of their musical numbers on the show.

    American Dad on the other hand, has improved quit a bit over the years. It’s like futurama vs the simpsons.

  • Dave

    I never realized that chick from Californication did the voice for Bobby Hill!

  • Cussword

    Uncle Phil was Shredder? Wow…

  • bobby hill definitely through me off, I actually had no idea it was a girl at all

  • I find it amusing and wonderful that the voices of Meg were/are done by 3 Haute women! Yowza! Aiyaiyaiyaiyaiyai! ;D

    And Bobby Hill was way unexpected

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  • Bert

    I too am incredulous at the revelation that Shredder was Uncle Phil. Mindboggling.

  • Max

    Stephen Colbert (Ace and Gary – the Ambiguously Gay Duo, Reducto and Phil Ken Sebben – Harvey Birdman) deserves mention.

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  • Bert

    Max – I thought I had read that the other voice (either Ace or Gary, not sure who did which one) was Steve Carrell.

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    that is so cool on so many levels.

  • Bazinga

    You forgot about Katey Segal as Leela on Futurama and my favorite, Hank Azaria who does the voices of Moe and Chief Wiggum on The Simpsons. Oh and Jason Alexander as Duckman!

  • raynre1

    nice list but there’s this website that is the exact same thing as this but it has like a gazillion more actors and characters!!



  • princess0764

    adam west is old.

  • jake

    Yes, Adam West is old…but at least he is still alive and finding work. You can’t say much for the other 60’s icons.

  • Erica

    I had no idea the dad from Fresh Prince was SHREDDER! That’s just crazy!

  • Random Stumbler

    LOL, I cant believe Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air was the voice of Shredder on TMNT.
    Also cant believe that the voice for Tommy Pickles from Rugrats is such a hot lady lol, that show was the best & still remains a classic today.

  • PFC11111

    How about Julie Kavner (Marge Simpson) or Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson)?

  • Bazinga

    Oh Yah, What about the many voices of Maggie Simpson:
    Elizabeth Taylor
    James Earl Jones
    Jodie Foster
    Just to name a few.
    Happy 20th Simpsons!

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  • tilbahadar

    send me

  • Stan-ily

    South Park? Best show ever. 🙂

  • Uzisero

    ^ you have got to be kidding kid

  • Failblader

    you forgot Seth Green as Chris Griffin…

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  • Trey Parker and Matt Stone (or should that be Matt Stone and Trey Parker?) are the most talented of the group because they cover such a wide range of voices. Anyone who watches South Park knows this to be true.

    Some of the others have really nice voices that work well in cartoons too.

    Nice collection of pictures!

  • Great list! I didnt know half of these women play men :O

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  • BruceJuice

    Lacey Chabert also did the voice of Eliza Thornberry…such a hottie

  • Terry aka Mentalman

    Brittany Murphy (r.i.p.) LuAnn on King of the hill

  • Terry aka Mentalman

    Oh n Tom Petty plays her husband Lucky

  • Bailey

    I hope you people know that Barney the Dinosaur WAS voiced by a GIRL. I about choked when I found out…