The Exact Floorplan of Dunder Mifflin


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Ever wonder how exactly Dunder Mifflin is laid out? No? Well screw you, I have, and I think this is pretty damn cool. Someone pieced together an accurate floorplan of the office from The Office, and it lets you know exactly where everything is and where everyone sits in relation to each other. Well, almost.

For some reason I’m having trouble wrapping my head around that accounting trio of desks, as I could swear it was on the opposite side of Creed’s desk and is visible diagonally from Pam’s desk. Also, does no one sit at the annex? And what’s that gynormous unknown area next to the kitchen that actually has doors leading into it?  And you thought Lost has a bunch of mysteries.

  • Dave

    Impressive, if notan oddly obsessive thing to work out. Why does there seem to be a back door to the men’s room?

    Also, there’s no space for Ryan’s office which, last I remember, was in a cupboard somewhere around the bathroom area.

  • BryanTSC

    Perhaps they’ve moved some things around, as this seems to be a little dated. Pam is no longer at the reception desk, for one thing.

  • alan

    It is also missing jim’s(now darryl’s) office.

  • Sam

    Yeah, I always thought the accounting section was where Darryl’s office is now but when I rewatched the series last summer I realized it was behind Pam’s desk.

  • Guy Incognito

    It was a good attempt but it seems like they’re missing some things because they made it too small. Like where’s the photocopier? And I’m pretty sure there isn’t a support column right next to Stanley and Phyllis, but there is one closer to reception. Also there should be 3 desks where Jim and Dwight are. I also never thought about this but isn’t it weird how the conference room is sometimes filled with chairs in an auditorium layout and then magically has that huge table in it? Where does the table go when they set up the chairs? How long does it take to set up?

  • DarkPassenger29


    That’s what she said!

  • The 2,334,275,002nd most interesting man on the planet

    I used to think the same thing about accounting, but going a few seasons back, Angela would always pop her head from behind Pam at reception. It took me a while to realize where they actually were, but now it makes sense, even going back to the very early episodes.

  • Slyprince

    There is a more up to date one here…

    LOL @ Ryan’s Office

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  • Dave2

    I still say Accounting is supposed to be way over where they have Creed’s desk in this one.

  • Name required, indeed!

    Is the “???” area where Marjorie works?

  • ALeX

    There’s no doubt that the accounting desks are behind the reception. Around ep15-20 of this season where Erin learn’s about Andy’s almost marriage with angela you see her pooping her head behind her..

  • El idiota

    Cool but outdated.

  • Alina Pontynen

    I assume the blank space is elevator banks?

  • they should also include the warehouse and parking lot and the downstairs security desk and the small room dwight used as a workout room which i think was the same room Michael used for the the Michael Scott paper Company.