The Entire Cast of Freaks and Geeks, Together Again

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When compiling a list of “shows killed too soon,” you’ll always have Judd Apatow’s Freaks and Geeks on that list.  The story of high school kids in Michigan in the early ’80s failed to wow audiences, but the show was a masterpiece in its own right, and helped launch the careers of many big-time actors today, and Apatow himself.

Vanity Fair had the unenviable task of tracking down the cast of the show for a reunion article and photoshoot. Usually these kinds of things will have you missing a character or two, but not so here. VF went all out, assembling each and every one of the major and minor characters of the show. Guest stars, parents, teachers, everyone is here. It’s hard to think of any notable characters from the show who DIDN’T actually show up for this.

The result is a really fantastic photoshoot that you can check out below. If you’re a fan, you won’t want to miss it.

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  • igorficas

    I wish Ron Lester and Ben Foster were there.

  • Jack

    Doesn’t look like Ben Stiller made an appearance even though he guest starred on one episode

  • bret

    Chicks who played Millie and Cindy are giving me a full on robot chubby.

    Btw.. No Rashida Jones? 🙁

  • Britt

    Also Shia Lebouef(sp?) made a guest appearance as the school mascot before Sweet steps in for him…

  • Britt


  • i love this site! but that was a shitty and unfunny sitcom, i understand the relevance of the show in the origin of a very succesful career of some of the actors, but thats it.