The Biggest Dexter Finale Thread Is About To Form Right Here


Clearly there will be major spoilers ahead here folks so if you didn’t see the season finale to Dexter get the hell out of here.  If you did, then let’s talk about this, like now.  Was the finale awesome?  I’ll tell you something: it wouldn’t have been if not for the ridiculously awesome ending.  Our prayers have been answered!  Although what the hell is in store for single father Dexter?  Good Lord it’s gonna be interesting.

But let’s talk about that a little later and focus on a few cool things that did in fact happen.


OK.  Here we go.

Things I didn’t like

Look, we all know that it’s a TV show and Dex’s criminal work seems a little superhuman.  I mean no one is that good at tracking down people and setting up their little plastic wrapped murder scenes that quickly.  So when Dexter actually caught Arthur even I kind of rolled my eyes at the fact that no one was on the road and Dex just happens to show up with his needle and murder “uniform.”  The timing was just a little too good for my taste.

Honestly the show was just kind of rambling (though I wonder if it was supposed to) and the cat and mouse chase of Dexter and Arthur almost got boring to an extent.  Admit it guys, you know you were all just waiting for something huge to happen and the show was just sort of droning on.  Yeah Dexter gets angry, punches a cop, blah blah.  It was kind of like “let’s get it on already!”

And Rita.  Obviously Rita did more of her usual pissing us off with her sensitive crap.  OK guys, go on your Honeymoon, we get it.  Work on your relationship.   We get it.

And do we really give a rats ass what happens to Laguerta and Batista?  Wonderful, they’re married and have sex.  Yay!

Things I did like

It was awesome that Debbie finally found out about who Dexter really was.  The best line in the entire show was when Debbie says to Dexter “I love you” and he says “I’m so thankful” back.  Hahaha.  That was classic.  But the door is definitely now open for Debbie to get very suspicious about who her brother is next season.  She seemed clueless in the finale, but obviously she’s smarter than that and something tells me their relationship is going to have a big change next season.

Um, how friggin awesome was the ending!!!!  Man was that harsh to watch.  I’m literally getting goose bumps as I write this.  Seeing a baby with all that blood on the floor was truly powerful and truly scary.  But man was that brilliant.  I loved how Hall and Lithgow talked after the show and we hear a great theory on the death of Rita.  How Trinity was intuitively linked to Dexter and how Rita’s death and survival of the baby in a pool of blood were in fact no accident.

The cycle starts anew.  Pretty amazing stuff.  The freaky part is that it’s as if Trinity were still alive even after his death, a truly great mark of a serial killer.

And our dreams have come true!  Finally, no more Rita!  Man I couldn’t stand all her whining and “let’s have a great relationship” crap.  Clearly the producers knew viewers were getting restless of her character.  Hell of a way to shake things up guys.  Nicely done.

My only fear is that a single Dexter might be a little too far fetched.  Granted we know the show is a little out there as it is, but still.  I mean what the hell is next?  Dexter taking the kids to Disney World and having them wait in the car while he goes and kills Goofy?  I’m sure whatever it is, the show will still be awesome.

Bottom Line

Like I said, if it weren’t for that ending the show would have lagged and I don’t think would have been good at all.  But of all the season finales I’ve seen in my life, this one is definitely up there and made the wait for the ending well worth it.



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